What is 21st Century Learning?

Technology even changed how we learn.

The brand new way on how we should learn

21st Century Learning is using technology to gain knowledge so they can apply it to new problems, analyze data, collaborate, solve problems, and make decisions. The internet is very help full in finding information on topics, thats why hence why they are applying it into the school criculum, and letting students use there electronics.

How Will Class Be With 21st Century Learing

The lessions will be diffrent because the teacher can use more technology, and the students can also. Schools in the 21st Century will be fulled with a project-based curriculum for life pointed at envolving students in addressing real-word problems, improtant issues to humanity, and questions that matter. It is disbandment, finally, of textbook driven, teacher centered, paper and pencil schooling. Theres a new way of comprehending the concept of learning, a new meaning of the "educated person".

21st Century Learing Also Envolves Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry Based Learning envolves seeking for the truth, information, or knowledge. Getting information by asking questions