Social Media is the New Back Alley

Bullies no longer need to be strong to hurt

Cyberbullying: It could be the cause of the cuts on teens' arms

Why would you give your password to anywhere to anyone? Here's some reasons you shouldn't.

  • Your "friends" could get on your profile to get back at you
  • People could find out personal information to use as blackmail
  • People could get into other personal accounts and get personal information,
These reasons are just some of the reasons you shouldn't give people your passwords. Just don't do it! Don't trust anyone either. Your best friend could be your worst enemy.

What should you do if you are getting Cyberbullied?

Tell someone. Teacher, mom, dad, brother, anyone. Communication is key with this new cyberbullying game. People are saying things that they would never say to your face. So put an end to the madness and communicate your results. You could be stopping a huge criminal,