K P R D Summer Camp

Newsletter: Week 5

-SportsCenter Edition-

Wednesday: Winston-Salem Dash Baseball Game!

On Wednesday, campers will be going to the Dash baseball game in Winston-Salem. We will be leaving camp at 10am to be there when the gates open. Campers need to wear their camp shirt and sunscreen. The Dash will provide lunch and a hat for the campers. Campers will need spending money for snacks and souvenirs if they want them. We recommend bringing at least $10- please place campers money in their red waterproof pouches. We plan to be back at camp around 4:00pm. Campers will be responsible for their spending money.

Lunch will consist of:

  • Hotdog
  • Apple
  • Juice

Friday: Black Light Dodge Ball

On Friday, Campers need to wear white or neon shirts. The Recreation Center will have black lights in the gym all day. Campers will be playing dodge ball, freeze dance, tag, limbo, and other fun games in the gym!

Game Plan For The Week

  • Fourth of July Park


  • $$Kona Ice$$


  • Winston-Salem Dash Baseball Game!


  • Pool Day at Branchwood


  • Black Light Dodge Ball

Kona Ice

Kona Ice will be bringing its flavored shaved ice to camp EVERY TUESDAY this summer at 1:30 pm! Kona Ice is available in four different sizes: Kiddie ($2), Regular ($3), King Kona ($4), and Kowabunga Cup. If they Kowabunga cup is purchased, then each week the camper returns, they will be able to refill it for only $3!

Swimming is on Thursday!

Campers should wear their bathing suits under their clothes and bring a change of clothes on swim day. Parents should apply sunscreen before coming to camp. Counselors cannot apply sunscreen. Don’t forget to pack a towel and a lunch! Swimming is at Branchwood neighborhood pool in Kernersville across from the 4th of July Park.

~Don't Forget~

Ø Make sure your camper is wearing tennis shoes every day (flip flops permitted on swim day only) and comfortable clothing.

Ø Don’t forget to pack a lunch and an afternoon snack every day!

Ø Make sure the person picking up your camper(s) in the afternoon knows their password!