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Teaching and Learning Bulletin

Our weekly bulletin...

Each week, the Learning Team will circulate a bulletin covering all things Teaching and Learning at the Academy. Principally, the purpose of the bulletin is to keep all staff updated in terms of all the T&L news at DAA, as well as key events for your diaries connected with T&L.

Don't forget the T&L Breakfast.... WEDNESDAY MORNING in the 6th form hub

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Week 7 Focus: Sex up your plenary...

What's in it for me?

  • Give students the chance to reflect upon the success (and areas for development) of their learning
  • Offers you the time and space to identify areas to move toward in your planning

The Review Wheel

A useful powerpoint that allows you to click and select a 'random' plenary task for students to summarise their learning. Download link is here.

Metacognitive Wrappers

These sounds ludicrously complex, but really aren't. Basically, you ask three (tiered) questions at the start and and of a lesson, and students track where they are in terms of the level of question they are able to answer.

For example:

What is 1+1?

What is addition and how does it work- give an example

What makes addition different to subtraction and division?

This is crudely put, but an excellent blogpost explaining this is found here.

Spot the Mistake

Using the video maker from the SmartBoard, or any other kind of screen capture software online (e.g. www.screenr.com) make a short video of the things the students have learned in the lesson. Students should take notes and consult one another on the video and feed back- explaining areas for improvement.

Further reading...

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Dates for your diary...

Advanced Whiteboarding...

Thursday, Nov. 7th 2013 at 3:45-5pm


Hosted by SOR/PBS, this workshop will offer the staff the chance to take their whiteboard and visualiser skills further to enhance the learning in your classroom.

Taxonomy of Errors for Leaner (not Meaner!) Feedback

Thursday, Nov. 28th 2013 at 3:30-5pm


Hosted by ASA/DCR, this workshop will demonstrate a new method of feeding back to your classes to make life easier and more efficient for your own teaching, and, more importantly, enhance the independence of your students in terms of acting on feedback and moving forward.