Aurora Inn Aquatic Center

Water Aerobics with Paula McArthur

All Is Well Water Workouts at the Aurora Inn

Well-known local water exercise instructor, Paula McArthur, will start classes at the newly reopened Aurora Inn! Paula will incorporate cardio, strength, flexibility and endurance into her water workouts. Both beginners as well as the athletic can get a great workout at the same time! Use of thick noodles, belts and other water fitness equipment turn the pool into a “wet gym”! And much more fun!

No swimming skills are used in these workouts, and no previous experience is necessary.

About Paula

Paula has been teaching water exercise since 2001. She became a personal trainer in 2002, and is very experienced working with people with physical, and motivational fitness challenges, as well as those who need more challenge from their workouts. She interjects humor and positive thoughts whenever possible to make the workouts more enjoyable. She is also available for private sessions in the water or on land. Her “amphibious” experience gives her more options to help you meet your goals.

Take the Plunge!!

Class Fees:

Single Class:

$5.00 per class


$8.00 for two classes in a row

Private sessions available at extra cost. Please call for quote.