Fourth Grade News

For the Week of May 4, 2015

This week's focus

Reading - summarizing main idea using details from the text

Writing - completing poetry books (Haiku) and writing a story using the 5 W's

Math - fractions and MCAS

Science - simple machines

Spelling words (word set 26)

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Squeaky-clean Award

This week the Squeaky-clean Award was presented to Aiden for having the neatest desk in class. His desk was organized and clean allowing him to easily reach his supplies and materials in order to transition in a quick manner. Keep up the excellent work!!!


The students of North Brookfield Elementary School did an amazing job producing unique, interesting, and creative products in the TREPS program. They should all be proud of themselves. It was a wonderful day and the students did an amazing job. I spent a lots of money, the students showed excellent customer service, and some great sales pitches were thrown at me as well. Matt M. convinced me to buy dog treats and I do not even have a dog!!!! Way to go TREPS students.
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Upcoming events and test

There will be no after school math help this Tuesday.

Tuck Everlasting Book Club meeting will be held Thursday, May 7 from 2:30 to 4:00.

Spelling test on Friday, May 8 (Word set 26)

Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Peterson