By: Fareen Shoaib

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  • Harajuku refers to the area around Tokyo's Harajuku Station, it is between Shinjuku and Shibuya on the Yamanote Line. It is the center of Japan's most extreme teenage cultures and fashion styles, but also offers shopping for adults and some historic sights.
  • Kōtoku-in is a Buddhist temple in the city of Kamakura in Japan.
  • Yakushima is a subtropical island off the southern coast of Kyushu. It is covered by an extensive cedar forest that contains some of Japan's oldest living trees, the most ancient of which may be over 7000 years old.
  • Amami Ōshima is one of the Satsunan Islands, and is the largest island within the Amami archipelago between Kyūshū and Okinawa. A very beautiful island shown to everyone.
  • Ise Grand Shrine, located in the city of Ise, Mie, Japan, is a Shinto shrine dedicated to the goddess Amaterasu. Very presentable and has very lovely sights.
Japan is a really lovely country to visit with lots of great sights for you and your family. We'd love for you to come and visit!