Hello, from Mrs.B!

Classroom News!

Play practice....

If you have a student in the play don't forget we have practice tomorrow with the Chorus after school until 4:00. Students should have their lines memorized and ready to go tomorrow.

Next Monday is the final practice after school till 4:00pm

Important information coming home today!!

1. FCM tour permission slip. No parents. Forms must be returned no later than Friday. If you could just sign them and return them tomorrow that would be great!

2. Social Studies Project packet. Student were given a state by random and need to complete research on that state. All the information is in the packet. Please sign and return the back page only.

What we are working on this week...

Novel Study Ch. 10-14
Spelling test on Friday List 26
Vocabulary 15 words TingoEd videos Test Friday
*watch the videos they are funny!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you for all the wonderful treats today!! You are all so sweet!