Hamilton Boys' High School -Term 2, Edition 2, June 2019

Argyle House Leads the School House Competition

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Our Senior Tug-O-War team in action against Baigent House. Both the Argyle junior and senior teams went through their round-robin competitions undefeated, giving us the maximum 6 points for this minor event.

Argyle House currently sits 2 points clear at the top of the table with House Basketball and General Knowledge still to take place this term.

Year 9 Boarders 2020, Field Days, School Ball and a close House Competition

We are now into the final four weeks of Term 2 which is traditionally the busiest time of the winter term with sports exchanges, cultural and arts festivals, follow-up from junior exams and the reporting on the academic progress of our senior students in the day school. It can be a challenging time for many of our boys and staff as winter sets in.

We are all very proud of the positive way in which the boys have handled the change to winter temperatures, fewer daylight hours, the various school pressures as well as taking part in their own co-curricular activities. They have all managed themselves extremely well in what is a very settled hostel environment.

Year 9 Boarders 2020

Mrs Hassall (Headmaster), Mr Quigley (Dean of Boarding) and I have concluded all Year 9 2020 interviews for Argyle House and are extremely pleased with the high calibre of young men that have now been accepted into Argyle House for 2020, including 9 brothers. We interviewed all 60 boys that applied and accepted 40. As always, it is extremely difficult to place everyone that applies so we have a lengthy waiting list. With this in mind, I have attached the 2020 Intentions Form, which I would like all families of boarders in Years 9 – 12 to complete and return to Mrs Katrina McLaughlin by Friday 6th September, Week 7 Term 3, as I need to determine whether your son is returning in 2020. We get numerous applications from Years 10 – 13 2020 boarders, so being able to confirm your son’s intention for 2020 will help me with filling the correct number of beds for next year. If you know your son’s situation for 2020 now, then please return the form as soon as possible, particularly those with sons currently in Year 12.

Field Days

I know many of our boys from rural areas are looking forward to Field Days this week, as well as those boys that have never experienced Field Days. You will have all received a School Links email from the Deputy Headmaster, Mr Power, last Friday, which outlined the school’s policy for boys attending Field Days, which has worked successfully in previous years to minimise disruption to the school on Wednesday and Thursday. All boys will attend classes as normal this week but are able to take leave on Friday 14th June.

Our boys are able to take weekend or overnight leave from 2.10pm Thursday 13th June. The school and hostel will remain open on Friday 14th June and supervision will be provided in the day school for all hostel and day students who attend school on Friday, as all hostel staff have school commitments this day.

If your son is in the hostel on Friday morning and is not attending Field Days, then he will be required to meet at the school library from 8.45am where he will spend the day completing an academic programme and participating in PE lessons. He will return to Argyle for lunch at the normal time, with the school day concluding as normal at 3.15pm. The hostel is open all weekend.

The hostel boys are able to attend Field Days on Friday with their friends by catching a bus from Hamilton Central (corner of Bryce & Anglesea Streets) which departs every half hour between 8.00am – 11.00am, returning to Hamilton Central every half hour between 2.00 – 4.30pm, with the final bus departing Mystery Creek at 5.15pm. If the boys have a pre-paid ticket to enter Field Days then the bus is free, but they have to show their ticket to the driver. Others will have to pay.

All Field Days leave must be entered into Boardingware, including who your son is going with and how he is getting there.

Field Days Fundraiser

I would like to thank the 6 parents that have volunteered to help the Argyle boys, 3 GAP students and I park cars as part of our hostel fundraiser from Wednesday to Friday this week. We are very fortunate to be given the opportunity to earn $4500 by providing car parking assistance for all exhibitors and public attending Field Days. The proceeds will go directly to the hostel to purchase items not budgeted for, with input from the boys. e.g. upgrade to a 65" TV for the Junior TV Lounge. The 6 parents are Adrian Verry, Bridget St George, Hamish Nelson, Blair Nelson, Phil McConnell and Alby Anderson.

School Ball

The annual Hamilton BHS Ball is being held next Wednesday evening, 19th June, at the Wintec Atrium. Only Year 13 students may attend, with tickets going for $70 a single and $140 a double. Doors open from 7.00pm and close at 7.45pm. The last dance is scheduled for 11.15pm and the Ball concludes at 11.30pm.

As the Duty Masters at Argyle and Grove are off duty from 10.00pm and the hostel has bedded down for the night, all Year 13s that attend the Ball will be required to find alternative accommodation for the evening. This has always been our policy and the boys have been given advance notice. All Year 13s will be required to return to the hostel by 8.00am the following morning, ready to complete their normal school timetable. It is a special occasion, organised by the Cultural Prefects of Hamilton BHS, which celebrates all Year 13 students' final year at Hamilton BHS. The theme is 'A Starry Night'.

Kind regards

Murray McKenzie

Head of Boarding

021 516 477

Intentions Form 2020

Please download, print, scan and return this form to Mrs Katrina McLaughlin by Friday 6th September. Thank you.

New Boarder

Cooper Bennett (Year 11), Whangamata

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Cooper comes to Argyle as a current day boy, formerly from Horotiu. His parents have moved to Whangamata for work, so decided boarding was the best option to ensure Cooper's continued academic success in a school environment he knows well. Cooper arrived on Monday 3rd June.

Hamilton BHS Tug-O-War, House Competition Event, Tuesday 21st May (Juniors) & Wednesday 22nd May (Seniors) - Argyle House 1st Place Overall

Argyle House can be well proud of winning the House Junior and Senior Tug-O-War competitions, which moves us to the top of the House Competition after 8 events, by only 2 points.

House Basketball is currently being played with General Knowledge in a fortnight's time.

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Senior Tug-O-War team with Hakaraia Richards-Coxhead (Head Prefect) anchoring the team at the rear
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The Senior, 10-Man Tug-O-War team that went through undefeated. L-R: Erik Attie, Semisi Koroibuleka, Taikaha Larkins, Te Uira Palmer, Harry Yates, Tyler McNutt, Josh Vodanovich, Tuhoe Kake, Joeli Matalaweru, Hakaraia Richards-Coxhead
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The Junior, 10-Man Tug-O-War team that went through undefeated, with Snowden Hemi-Hill anchoring the team at the rear.

L-R: Renata Palmer, Raharuhi Palmer, Hoani Ham, John Anderson, Iotia Teokotai, Zion Wipaki-McLarin, Caylus Brighouse, William Pierce, Snowden Hemi-Hill

Big picture
The Junior, 10-Man Tug-O-War team seen here taking on Wilson House.

Matthew Allen Cup Basketball, Monday 3rd June - Won by Bennett House 3 - 1


Year 10 game: Bennett won 24-6

Year 11 game: Sutherland won 12-2

Year 12 game: Bennett won 15-6

Year 13 game: Bennett won 16-2

N.B. Year 9s were absent from school the following day, due to the PPTA Union Teachers' Rolling Strike, so did not compete.

A big thanks to Mr Alby Ellis, the Hamilton BHS Teacher In-Charge of Junior Basketball, who turned up to officiate all games.

Big picture
Year 10 Bennett House, won 24-6. L-R: Charlie Anderson, Ashan Barr, John Anderson, Austin Furniss, Josh Flett, Snowden Hemi-Hill and Mr Alby Ellis (Teacher In-Charge HBHS Junior Basketball)
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Year 11 Sutherland House, won 12-2. L-R: Nic Hill, Grayson Carley, Mr Ellis, Takoha Lunjevich, Kieran Draper, George Oliver, Nils Dorband, George Hesp, Keran Van Staden
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Year 12 Bennett House, won 15-6. L-R: Max Chow, Austin Lupton, Shinya Komura, Mr Ellis, Cody Nordstrom, Lucas Blake, Tuhoe Kake, Angus Valler, Tyler McNutt
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Year 13 Bennett House, won 16-2. L-R: Kohei Shirai, Logan Potter, Nic Audas-Ryan, Blake Morgan, Te Aonui Wharawhara-Muriwai, Lachie Kettlewell, Mason Tombleson, Mr Ellis
Big picture
The 'Lake Shield' sits on the table ready to be presented to the winning House - Bennett
Big picture
The Head of Sutherland House, George Butcher, presents the Lake Shield to Deputy Head Prefect, Blake Morgan, at the conclusion of the evening.

Matthew Allen Cup Tug-O-War, Monday 20th May - Won by Sutherland House 3 - 2


Year 9 - Won by Bennett

Year 10 - Won by Bennett

Year 11 - Won by Sutherland

Year 12 - Won by Sutherland

Year 13 - Won by Sutherland

Big picture
Year 9 Bennett
Big picture
Year 10 Bennett
Big picture
Year 11 Sutherland
Big picture
Year 12 Sutherland
Big picture
Locked at 2 - 2 it was over to the Year 13s to decide the overall winning House, which went to Sutherland.
Big picture
Head of Bennett House, Seth Roe, presents the Lake Shield to the victorious team and Head of Sutherland House, George Butcher
Big picture
George Butcher, Head of Sutherland House, holds the Lake Shield aloft

Bagpipers and Brothers, Alexander Nielsen (Year 11) and Rupert Nielsen (Year 10) Win Awards

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Alexander and Rupert both competed at the Hastings Highland Games and then attended a 4-day Piobaireachd seminar where they received tuition from two world-renowned masters of this classical form of bagpipe music. The Hastings Highland Games is an annual event where NZ pipers gather to measure their skills and compete to win titles in their own grade.

Alexander won the prestigious Bronze medal for his playing of the piobaireachd.

The piper must submit two full tunes to the judging panel, one of which he is required to perform on a stage with a perfectly tuned instrument.

The preparation and dedication required to win this event is intense.

Alexander now moves up to the Silver medal competitions for which the bar is raised and competition is tougher. He is also now in the same grade as his father! It will be a proud moment when he beats Phil, although he won’t make it easy.

Rupert is also a very promising musician and although he has not featured on the big stage yet he is definitely one to watch.

Over the July school holidays both boys will fly to Canada where they will attend a week long piping retreat in the Rocky Mountains receiving more guidance from the world’s top competing pipers.

Congratulations to both Alexander and Rupert who both out many hours of practice over at school and at home.

Auckland Grammar Exchange, Thursday 30th May, split exchange - with fixtures home and away

Big picture
1st XV Captain, Hakaraia Richards-Coxhead, leads the team haka, with Ittetsu Ochiishi (Year 12, Japan) in support as part of the Kapa Haka group behind him.
Big picture
Joeli Matalaweru (Year 13) awaits kick-off in the 1st XV Rugby game. The 'Headmaster's Bowl' sits on the table; a trophy played between the two 1st XV teams, won 19 - 17 by Hamilton BHS in a tight game, in what was the 100th 1st XV Rugby fixture between the 2 schools.
Big picture
Argyle House players on the bench: Tyler McNutt (Year 12), Te Aonui Wharawhara-Muriwai (Year 13) and Shinya Komura (Year 12)
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Big picture

New Plymouth BHS Exchange, Thursday 6th June, all fixtures in Hamilton

Big picture
Kohei Shirai (Year 13), 3rd from left, proudly leads the 1st XV Rugby team onto the field as part of the Hamilton BHS Kapa Haka group. Ryoyu Tsunoda (Year 12) and Ittetsu Ochiisi (Year 12) were also part of the group.
Big picture
Hakaraia Richards-Coxhead waits to receive the ball
Big picture
Big picture
Mr Logan Asplin (Grove Master, HBHS 2nd XV Red Coach and HBHS High Performance Manager), relays information during a break on halfway after a try was scored.
Big picture
Divyne Shadrock (Year 9), in the maroon jersey, at the front of a rousing halftime haka.

Thomas Marchant (Year 11) - Hockey Injury

Big picture
Thomas received a nasty blow to the jaw after a hockey ball passed from a Hamilton BHS 1st XI team-mate deflected off his stick and up onto his jaw. No broken bones, fortunately!

'Man Of The Week': Lachie Ross (Year 11), Week 6 Term 2

Big picture
Lachie was awarded 'Man of the Week' for a double Man of the Match effort, in hockey for the Argyle 1st XI team and for the Under 16 Red Rugby team. Lachie was presented with a $5 canteen voucher.

'Man Of The Week': Hakaraia Richards-Coxhead (Year 13), Week 5 Term 2

Big picture
Hakaraia was awarded 'Man of the Week' for captaining the 1st XV Rugby team to their first victory over Auckland Grammar since 2016, winning 19-17 here at home. Hakaraia was rewarded with a $5 canteen voucher.

'Man Of The Week': Shinya Komura (Year 12), Week 4 Term 2

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Shinya was awarded 'Man of the Week' for giving up a chrome book he had booked and was working on, to allow a fellow boarder to complete his homework. Shinya's selflessness has been rewarded with a $5 canteen voucher.

'Man Of The Week': Nic Audas-Ryan (Year 13), Week 3 Term 2

Big picture
Nic was awarded 'Man of the Week' for following the correct protocols and taking good care of a mate who was concussed in a Saturday morning game of rugby, so is acknowledged and rewarded with a $5 canteen voucher.

'Man Of The Week': Dylan Brown (Year 9), Week 2 Term 2

Big picture
Dylan was awarded 'Man of the Week' for being placed 2nd overall in the Junior Cross Country Championship, earning 99 points for Argyle House, so gets to spend a $5 canteen voucher.

School Links Emails to Parents/Caregivers from Hamilton Boys' High School

High Achiever - Printed copies available

Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Friday 7th June

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Print copies of the Christmas 2018 and Term 1 2019 High Achiever are now available.

Please send us your postal address with High Achiever in the subject line and we will post you out copies of these editions. Alternatively, if you would like additional copies or just one of these editions, then let us know in your message.

We hope you enjoy our coverage of all of our HBHS High Achievers.

Reminder - Year 13 Ball

Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Friday 7th June

Dear Parents/Caregivers

The Hamilton Boys' High School Year 13 Ball will be held on Wednesday, 19th June 2019.

Tickets are available for purchase from the School Shop until Tuesday 11th June.

Please see the attached flyer for all information relating to the Ball.

Please note that any Hamilton Boys' High School student attending other School Balls during Ball season, is expected to behave by the same guidelines as if it was our own School Ball, and the same consequences apply if our expectations are not met.

Thank you
HBHS Management
On behalf of the HBHS Cultural Prefects

Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


2019 Field Days Leave - Friday 14 June

Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Friday 7th June

Dear Parents/Caregivers

To minimise disruption to the school, HBHS has approved Field Days leave for those wishing to attend on Friday 14 June only; students will attend class as normal 10 – 13 June. This policy allows students and the school to effectively operate normal classes and study during the week preceding.

The school will remain open on Friday 14 June and supervision will be provided for students who wish to attend. Students attending school should report to the library at 8.45am with their school work.

We appreciate your support in allowing us to maintain an academic programme during a very busy week in the Waikato.

Nick Power

BOT Voting Papers

Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Thursday 6th June

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Please be advised we are aware that voting papers have been received late due to unforeseen circumstances.

CES has stated that they will accept voting papers returned in the mail and posted this week until Thursday 13th June.

We are also happy to receive sealed envelopes in reception which we will courier June 7th to CES.

Thank you
Kristin Rillstone
Board Secretary

Reminder - Study Smarter Workshop

Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Wednesday 5th June

Study Smarter Student Workshop - Monday 8th July

Presenter: Karen Boyes – Study Skills Expert

Venue: Hamilton Boys’ High School Study Centre Time: 9am to 3pm

Dear Parent/Caregiver

Students from the Hamilton area are warmly invited to attend the Study Smarter Workshop on the first Monday of the upcoming school holidays. The presenter, Karen Boyes is described as Australasia’s “Mrs Education.” An expert in effective teaching, learning and living, Karen turns her research into practical and simple-to-use techniques that create success. Her workshops at Hamilton Boys’ have proven to be immensely popular in previous years, with attendees learning some excellent strategies for studying and preparing for examinations.

As the Founder of Spectrum Education, an author, publisher of the Teachers Matter Magazine and an Associate Director of the Institute for the Habits of Mind, Karen is an expert of teaching and learning throughout the world. A dynamic presenter, she inspires teachers and students globally.

Students will learn the powerful strategies that make a difference to their study.

Through the use of simple, easy to apply and yet practical ideas, students can boost their own performance and exam results.

Please see attachment for more information and registration details.

Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


Hamilton BHS Podiatry Service

Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Tuesday 4th June

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Hamilton Boys' High School would like to welcome our new Podiatrist Nadia Keogh to the Wellness Centre team. Nadia comes with 20 years experience in sports biomechanics, minor surgery, diabetes and general podiatry.

The Podiatry service will be operating from the School Wellness Centre. Appointments can be made by contacting Nadia directly on 0225703776. Any issues with booking appointments please contact the Wellness Centre.

Services provided and related costs summary:

● ACC related injuries - fully funded by ACC
● Non-ACC or Private podiatry services charges do apply.

Parental/guardian consent is required prior to treatment proceeding. Treatments/consultations will be billed directly to the student’s family.

ACC services:

● Foot and ankle sprains
● Toe injuries
● Toenail and ingrown toenails caused by injury
● Wounds to the foot caused by injury
● Foot and ankle strapping
● Simple insoles and/or ankle or foot supports
● Prescription (casted) orthotics (subject to the approval of ACC)
● Hip, knee and heel injuries
● Sever's disease - (Heel pain) Osteochondrosis of the heel, common in 10-14 yr olds)
● Footwear advice and recommendations

Private services:

● Plantar Fasciitis
● Foot, ankle and heel pain
● Osteochondrosis non-acc related (result of overuse)
● Corns and callus treatment
● Verrucae
● Tinea advise - some treatment options available
● Biomechanical issues
● Footwear advice

HBHS consultation fee $40.00

Insoles/orthotics Price TBC

Payment options include eftpos, cash and online banking

NCEA Fees - Ministry of Education & School Update

Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Wednesday 15th May

Dear Parents/Caregivers

The Minister of Education has announced that families of secondary students will no longer have to pay fees to enter NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship.

This change will remove financial barriers and ensure all the credits received towards NCEA will be visible in a student’s Record of Achievement.

These changes also mean schools no longer need to collect fees from around 168,000 New Zealand domestic students, or students from the Cook Islands and Niue, who are entering for NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship.

Any fees already collected from these students for 2019 will be refunded by schools. NZQA will be in contact soon with those schools which have already remitted fees, and NZQA will be working to award credits and qualifications earned in previous years where fees were not paid. In the first instance, any NCEA fees already paid will be credited towards any outstanding fees on your son's account. If there are no fees outstanding the school will grant a full refund. The refund process will take a few weeks so please be patient.

Additionally, as fees no longer apply to enter NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship, schools will not need to process applications for financial assistance to pay them.

The Minister has also announced a range of improvements to NCEA, and that the Government will fund the continued roll out of the NCEA Online programme.

More information about NCEA Online can be found here.

Further information about the NCEA Review can be found on the NCEA Review website.

Defensive Driving with Evolve Driver Training

Emailed to Parents/Caregivers Tuesday 30th April

Defensive Driving with Evolve Driver Training - Courses for Term 2 are as follows:-

Term 2

Monday, 13 May (13, 16, 20 & 23 May)

Monday, 10 June (10, 13, 17 & 20 June)

Holiday course - starting 8 July 2019 (8, 11, 15 & 18 July)

Register on Evolve website:

Important Dates:


Wednesday 12th:

Whanau Hui

Friday 14th:

Field Days (no school on this day. Boys can take weekend leave from 2.10pm Thursday 13th)

Friday 21st:

NZQA Scholarship entries due.

Monday 24th:

Year 8 Information Evening


Monday 1st:

Years 11, 12 and 13 Report Evening

Wednesday 3rd:

'Shave For A Cure'

Thursday 4th:

Tauranga Boys' College Sports Exchange (Tauranga)

Friday 5th:

Final day of Term 2. School finishes at 2.15pm

Hostel closes for the term at 5.30pm



Monday 22nd:


Hostel re-opens 5.30pm. All boys to have returned by 7.30pm or 8.00am the following morning.

Tuesday 23rd:

First day of school for term 3

Wednesday 24th:

Years 9 and 10 Report Evening

Our two Argyle House Parent Representatives for you to contact about any hostel matters

Mrs Shay-Lee Wylie (Te Kuiti)

Feel free to contact me by email

Mr Alistair Reeves (Te Akau)

Feel free to contact me by email