Summer Programs

Our summer programs include life skills, math, art, computers, language arts, reading, science and social studies. Ms Georgi Clymer, Mrs Jocelyn Crosby,Mr Doug DeSimone & Mrs Laura Kelly provided daily lessons focusing upon current issues & events. Ms Brenda Williams, Penn State program allowed us to examine our potential and life choices for future success. Ms Regina Heberts art classes focused upon an art poster contest and quilt making.

art work by charles lawson & danny gwinn- inmates at gratersford who collaboraed in developing the program

Art for justice

Ms Ann Marie Kirk returned to the Youth Center to present the ROAD MAP FOR LIFE workshop designed to help our youth learn to make choices that lead to success. It is a series of 10 sessions that help each youth to identify strengths, understand the legal consequences of high risk behaviors. It challenges their beliefs that can lead to destructive decisions and they explore choices to build character.

Foster Grandparent Program

Mrs Barbara Walker continues her role as a shoulder to cry on, a good listener and offers welcome advice for us. Ms Barbara also participates in the classes and will  help as an assistant in our classes. we love her!

field day

Each summer the Youth Advocate Counselors coordinate a tournament of races, basketball, balloon toss and tug of war to name a few. In the end we are all champions and treated to ice cream sundaes.

Danica… This summer school program is a great program to have here at MCYC because it keeps the students busy and it also keeps us refreshed with material that we learned during the school year. They have rewards at the end of the week and the teachers give students snacks if they did well that week, The rewards keep the students motivated to work together, also it makes students want to put more effort into their work, Even kids who don’t really have a care for the MCYC summer program try a little more than usual to not only make changes in their lives but also their educational experience.

Jamai… The Summer School program has helped me in many ways. The teachers really try to make an effort to make the program fun. The teachers here care about the students here and always try and help. They always award us for putting in effort here. I have a good relationship with the teachers here because they do their best to work with me and that makes me do better, have a better attitude, & try harder.