Things To know

  • Queen Elizabeth was the head of state
  • the Bahamas are really big in tourism
  • the Bahamas manufacture liqour and other things
  • the Bahamas has a lot of water sports
  • the Bahamas have about two dozen national parks

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7 day Vacation Plan

  1. you get on the plane in O'haire Chicago and land in Miami Florida and then get to then Bahamas
  • you get to your hotel
  • you go down to the pool and relax and after that you go eat at a resteraunt which will cost 50$ a person and then have a midnight snack
  • have some breakfast at the hotel and go jet skiing for most of the day
  • go to a shopping mall and buy some souvenirs
  • get packed up and go to your last dinner and stay your last night
  • then you get on a plane to Miami Florida then back to chicago