Use your technology in a safe manor

Tread Carefully while being Online

How to start using your device

OK so you get your device and your wondering what to do well first you should add your family to your contacts and second add your friends That You Know and don't add random strangers.

Advice for if your getting bullied on a online website

First don't tell your friends because they might just make fun of you and if you know that your friend is trustworthy enough then tell them but I won't tell them anyway.

So now you are clueless on what to do well i got you covered.Tell your parents/ elders/guardians/yourself

Another thing you can do if you get bullied is report it but sometimes it dosent work so just go with number 1

What to not and do on your device

What to not do

1. Don't make fun are cyberbully anyone

2. Don't add are talk to strangers

3. Don't post pictures of your home are where you life also how you look like

What to do

1. Be cautious

2. add people you know

3. try you best to be nice and not bully anyone online

4. ask your parents to post or make an account first

5. if your posting something with your friend in it ask them before you post