Van Meter Library Voice Newsletter

Welcome Back To Our Library Friends!

It is so wonderful being back with all of the students and teachers at Van Meter! We had a special, fun summer filled with lots of family, friends, traveling, reading, and creating....even a bit of relaxing.

But the best part of a new year....

is being able to work with our young people again and see them everyday!

As we start a new school year, I always love getting all of the resources from the library to all of you. I want you to be connected to the library no matter where you are.

This year I did this a little different. I have created this Smore which contains information about our print and digital collections; AEA resources; ways to connect to the library's voice like Twitter, Facebook, and the new Remind101; the online social reading network BiblioNasium; our special library events Google calendar; our curriculum; and more.

Under each picture, there will be a link that will take you to the right place.

And at the very bottom, you will find my information. Please feel free to contact me anytime through Twitter, my cell phone, email...whatever works for you.

You are always welcome in our library and I encourage you to anytime.

Have an amazing year Van Meter.

And remember...

You will make a difference!

These are all apps that you can put on your device....which as you know is in your pocket from time to time. These apps will be helpful to you as you look for eBooks in MackinVIA, listen to an audio book through Tales2Go, or even log into Kidblog.

On the third day of school the kindergarteners Skyped with our friend, Robert Forbes who is one of our favorite authors and poets. We had a great time listening to Robert and Mrs. Miller read "Elephant and Piggy" books back and forth.....and he was all the way in Florida.

Mrs. Miller has a blog called Van Meter Library Voice. She shares stories from the library....all the reading, creating, collaborating, and connecting that takes place in our library.

The 5th graders and their teachers Skyped with Steve Gagnon, a 5th grade teacher in New Hampshire. We will be connecting with Steve and his students throughout the year in KidBlog and other projects. He spoke to our students about blogging and brainstorming writing ideas.

You can read more about it in the post A First Connection Between New Hampshire, Iowa, Five Teachers, Fifth Graders, and KidBlog!