Obed Hessou

Barbara Makuch had courage because she and her family would hide and protect Jews who needed it even with though if the Germans found out they would be persecuted and arrested then killed. It is relevant to Anne Frank because when asked if they could house one more person a period of time, the people of the annex had a tough decision. They were low on food and supplies and having another mouth to feed was not going to help them at all. All in all they said and they added a new member: Mr. Drussel to the group.

Barbara story starts when she first saw Poland when she was eight months old to escape the drafting of the German army. When the Germans invaded Warsaw, the place they were staying, her father "was shot and killed in broad daylight leaving her, her newly-widowed mother, and three daughters alone. They moved close to the Ukrainian border, were Barbara found a teaching job, however it was a very low pay and so she and her mother had to squeeze the rent money on the tiny apartment that they lived in. Many came for their help like this one women who asked for them to take care of her child and they did because the Germans were coming through, and many other things.