Welcome to Eisenhower

by: Julianna Arciero

R's and Stars

  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Ready to Learn
When you are showing these qualities you earn a star, if your star gets picked in the weekly raffle you earn a prize.

Bagel Sales

Every morning you can buy a bagel and water . A bagel costs $2 and a water costs $1 . You have a choice between a cream cheese , butter or plain bagel . This is a good choice if you do not have enough time to eat breakfast at home. You can eat your bagel in homeroom and block 1 .

Principal:Dr.Brethauer Vice Principal:Mrs. Gambino

School Hours - 7:30-2:16 - Doors Open At 7 For Early Morning Drop-Off



  • soccer(boys and girls)
  • field hockey
  • cross country
  • cheer leading
  • basketball (boys and girls)
  • wrestling
  • track and field
  • baseball
  • softball

  • Academic Club
  • DDE NInjas
  • Basketballs Skills and Drills Academy
  • Chess Club
  • Fit Club
  • Debate Team
  • Drama Club
  • Photography Club
  • History Club
  • Intramural Basketball
  • Intramural Floor Hockey
  • Newspaper
  • Origami
  • Peer Leadership
  • Student Government
  • Table Tennis
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Mural Makers
  • Baking Club

Related Arts

  • Physical Education -Mr.Caiazza, Mr. Williams , Mr.K or Mrs. McCormick
  • Spanish-Mrs. Machado, Mrs.Reilly or Mrs. Jimenez
  • Personal Finance and Literacy Skills- Mr.McInerney or Mrs.Maio
  • Health-Mr.K or Mr.Caiazza
  • Chorus-Mr.Ryan
  • Band-Mr.Feldman
  • Music Exploration-Mr.Ryan
  • Art/Digital Arts - Mrs. Reig and Mr. Goldstein

Clearing Your Nerves

Lockers-You get to try opening your lockers several times everyone helps you they are not a big deal.

Switching Classes- Do not worry teachers will help you and you will get it down in no time.