Blue Gold

The Privatization of Water


Big corporations causing disturbance in the peace of water availibilty have been taken into effect, although they are not the only major water problem today. Pollution plays a major part and the fact that water isn't rationed well either is a big problem. It causes economic, social, political, and environmental issues which will have a negative turnout sooner than we may think.


In the film, there is more than enough evidence to conclude that the filmmakers and the people who participated in the documentary are against these misconducts caused by these large industries for profit. The ones who participated in sharing their points of views are valid because their careers are relevant to the point of Blue Gold, and many others who are in favor of them.

Economic Relation

The privatization of water is a global conflict that causes unsettlement that cannot be ignored. This disruption caused by corrupt businesses have angered many people and killed many people which leads to riots or protests. For example, Nestle Waters had a lawsuit filed against them and in retaliation, Nestle used a method called SLAPP (a technique in which a corporation sues an organization in attempt to scare it) by targeting one of the protestors with false accusations. The corporations who abuse their power are victimizing many people and potentially the whole world.