Jobs Newsletter

Ellis Griffin

IT Systems Analyst

Anchor Trust, 2 Godwin street, Bradford, BD1 2S

0345 604 6635

Specialist Skill: Use of Go-live & Transfer to Business. This is one of the main programmes in use within the company so previous experience with these programmes is a must to be employed for this job role, Go-live is the building block to our companies web pages. Although it has been discontinued our company still uses the soft ware so people who have used the latest version, (version 9) are needed. Any other experience of HTML editors would be useful as well

General Skill: Highlighting potential risk & advising are good general skills to have for this job role. For this job role you will work closely with the project manager so is good to be able to highlight risks in a plan and also acting as a fault checker, being able to address issues with implementing certain programmes or existing programmes.

Advising is also a major skill needed because it allows the task to be completed more efficiently by drawing from past experience's

Soft Skill: Confident and adaptable are the major soft skills required because you need to be confident in your abilities so that you can effectively complete the task at hand. You also need to be confident when addressing peoples who are experiencing problems and when talking to your project manager.

Being adaptable is also a good quality as not every situation is the same and being able to adapt easily to different situations and with speed is a major skill required.