Electronic Communication

Carly DeLoach

Advantages of social media

Many businesses use social media to attract customers or other businesses to hire them for various reasons. These businesses have huge advantages when using these social medias, such as:

  • Using Social media is quicker than printing flyers
  • Many different types of people can see your advertisement or information at once
  • It appeals to a mass audience
  • It can also attract a younger audience instead of an older one

Disadvantages of Social Media

Several businesses do not use social media often because of all of the disadvantages that is included, such as:

  • Some people will post negative and inappropriate comments
  • You could be hacked
  • You may regret posting certain pictures that you cannot get back
  • it could end up taking too much time or be a waste of time
  • Everything is public and there is no privacy when it comes to other people posting on comments made