The Mexican American war


Manifest Destiny

This all started when Americans wanted to build a new and better society. Was there any limits? Yes there was land but then the U.S. had a booming economy and population. They looked for land to settle in and went west looking for vast wilderness to take. People believed it was there manifest destiny. They believed it would be good if they spread along the ocean floor to spread their democracy. In 1844 they tried do get the government settled so they were choosing senators and presidents. At first they chose Henry Clay for a President, but he turned it downside to pressure then they chose the former governor of Tennessee James K. Polk.

California under Mexico

California and Mexico

The Annexation of Texas angered Mexico, but it still had settlements in other areas. In California missions remained the focus of everyday life. Missions under later Spanish rule carried ranching and farming operations and it was slaving Native Americans. Once you arrived for a mission you cloud not leave it. Some missions were selling goods to people in towns. But, in 1833 Mexico ended the mission system in California. The Created vast ranches with a lot of land. Cowboys or also known as vaqueros managed the animals such as cows and sheep.