Zoo Animals for Preschoolers

Unit plan activities

This week we will be larning about zoo animals which will tie into the following criteria for math science and history. We are planning on taking the kids to a local zoo so they can learn about the different types of zoo animals and the enviornment they live in. There will also be in class activities that include building a simile of their habitats. The connection to math science and history will be counting and building using different types of manipulatives for their projects.
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Materials we will need for this.

To perform these activities we will need the following materials. pretzel sticks, animal crackers, frosting, green sprinkles, shoe boxes, small toy animals. If the parents that want to partake in bringing in some supplies which would be greatly appreciated please send in what item you will be bringing in. Thank you. Or call 860 585 7576 ext 13. Mr Warner. http://www.beardsleyzoo.org/ The zoo we will be attending to is listed above admission for each child will be 25 dollars which includes the bus and zoo ticket and have them bring a brown bag lunch.