Midnight Madnes

BY Joe Navarro


On Oct/30/13 I had taken one of the most craziest falls ever in my life, I slipped!


On Oct/30/13 around 7:00 at night, I was walking with a group of people I chill with and we were moving down a hill and I fell, and when I tried to get up I couldn’t because my foot was hurting. When I fell my foot had rolled over on one side then popped over to the other side. And 3 out of about 14 people seen me fall and started laughing, then one of them helped me up, and I didn’t think anything major had happen to my foot I thought I had just landed on it wrong and the pain would ware off. So we all went to my house and I changed my shoes and told my mom my foot hurts and I would come in late that night and I went down the street hopping to get back together with the group. And we walked down the street passed the park where we had found some other people I shill with walking together in separate groups. After we talked for about 10mins me and my group of people moving again and we ran into my sister and this kid we call big-fat, his sister was Chillan with mine and after I told them what had happen to me they said I should go home but I keep moving. My group and me walked around the park and I had Big-Fat help me walk around.it was about 10:30 and people started going home, but me and Big-Fat was going to this kid named Zion house. Once everybody started leaving I had stayed back to rest because my foot was in pain, then on my way to Zion’s house I had ran into some girls I know it was four of them but I only knew two of them. I had told the girls and one of them was a cheerleader and she had given me an ace bandage and I wobbled my way to Zion’s house. When I got there, there was 8 people from our group of 14 Chillan in the back and after 10mins or so people had started leaving again and me and Big-Fat had went to this kid named James house and we were going up stairs and I had to hop up about 20 stairs. They were laughing but it was cool because the pain wasn’t that bad any more, but the four of us was playing the game (2k13) and eating pizza rolls. 11:00 at night was when me and Big-Fat had left and I was trying to walk on it but I thought if I did my foot would pop off and start dangling around. Because of me and my foot it took about 15mins to get to my house and sense Big-Fat stayed three houses down from me. When I got in the house everybody was sleep and I went to wake up my mom and sowed her my foot it was swollen all on the left side of my ankle and she just went back to sleep. I had hoped up 15 stairs and hoped into the tube full of ice and cold water, but it was only for about 30seconds because the water was to cold. Around 9in the morning my mom had got me up and told me to put on a shirt and some pants cause my grandma was picking us up to take us to the hospital and my little brother wanted to come. When we arrived at the hospital I was put into a wheel chair and di was rolling ever ware it was fun but when the doctors called us back I was put on a table and the took X-Rays of my ankle and said I had torn a ligament and fractured my ankle. The woman gave me crouches and put a cast around my ankle to help get it form back and said I will be on crouches for up to 6 weeks and told me not to put any pressure on my ankle cause that popping noise I herd was my ligament tearing and my ankle breaking. I was on crouches till Dec 6 13 and wasn’t able to be active for 2 months. THAT’S MY STORIE, THE END!

Going through the struggle