Christmas in Colombia

By Kelsey mattox


Christmas in Colombia starts on December 7th by celebrating the day of "la virgen de la inmaculada concepcion" or better known as virgin of the immaculate conception. Also known as "el dia de los velitas" day of the candles. The day of the candles starts at dusk, by lighting candles on a long piece of wood to make infinite lines that illuminate the house

El dia de los Velitas

El dia de los Velitas wouldn't be complete without some dancing and special, traditional foods. Buñuelos, or fritters, empanadas. They drink rum and the famous, "Aguardiente", an anise drink that is pretty powerful.

Kids roles

The children have a role in the Christmas season too. The kids write a letter to baby Jesus. The letters get sent off and baby Jesus give the kids what they want by their bed.