OCTOBER 29 2021

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TAC Celebrates Republic Day

Republic Day assembly organized by the Mathematics Department with the support of Gülben Dönmez, the activity coordinator, and the organizing team was celebrated on October 28, during 6th period. We would like to thank everyone who contributed.

Our ceremony, which started with the National Anthem and a moment of silence, continued with opening remarks by Mr. Hasan Turgut, the Vice Principal in charge of 12th grade and the dormitories. The program also featured presentations by students from different grade levels.

Please click on the photos for videos from the assembly.

Republic Waltz Choir

The Republic Waltz Choir, comprised of music students, performed a memorable musical recital in the garden in front of the Stickler building. We would like to thank the following students who contributed for their efforts:

TAC’24 Naz K.

TAC’25 Eylül N.

TAC’25 Defne B.

TAC’25 Demir G.

TAC’25 Ernest M.

TAC’25 Helin B.

TAC’25 Meral B.

TAC’25 Meriç İ.

TAC’25 Nehir Ö.

TAC’25 Yağmur İ.

TAC’25 Serra B.

TAC’25 Beril Diyar D.

TAC’25 Mehmet Demir G.

Video about the Proclamation of the Turkish Republic

The video prepared by Emir T. and Akın Barış G. (TAC’23) was a meaningful contribution to the assembly where we welcomed the Republic Day with renewed enthusiasm and pride.

What If We Did Not Have the Republic System?

The video prepared by the students listed below showed us the scenario in which Turkey was not a Republic and what would or would not happen.

TAC’22 Yiğit A.

TAC’23 Vagif K.

TAC’23 Cem Y.

TAC’24 Efe İ.

TAC’24 Asya Y.

TAC’24 Edibe Eylül Ç.

TAC’24 Cem S.

TAC’25 Begüm D.

TAC’25 Yağmur A.

Tac ’26 Ece K.

Poems of Yaşar Nabi Nayır

The students who lent their voices to the poem by Yaşar Nabi Nayır about the Republic communicated the emotions and the love for democracy.

TAC’25 Emre U.

TAC’25 Nehir Ö.

TAC’25 Tolga B.

TAC’25 Ilgın Irmak G.

TAC’25 Onur G.

TAC’25 Aybala Irmak Y.

TAC’25 Alp C.

TAC’25 Elif Naz G.

TAC’25 Sinemis K.

TAC’25 Eylül N.

TAC’25 Beril Diyar D.

CAS Students Visit Alzheimer’s Society

The video where TAC’s CAS students shared their visits to the Alzheimer's Association was a great way of sharing with the school community the stories by the residents about the hardships encountered by their fathers back in the day when the Turkish Republic was being established. Anecdotes such as their having served in the military for 17 years were a powerful reminder of these challenging times.

TAC ’22 Başak E.

TAC’23 Azra E.

TAC’23 Abdülkadir A.

Ataturk and the Republic of Turkey from the Eyes of Foreign Press and Statesmen

TAC students compiled the results of an extensive research they conducted about the opinions of the leading politicians of the 20th century about Atatürk and the Republic of Turkey covered in foreign press. Their presentation renewed our pride for having a remarkable leader admired by the whole world.

TAC’23 Elif Ö. S.

TAC’23 İdil T.

TAC’23 Cem Y.

TAC’25 Çınar A. B.

TAC’25 Derin D.

TAC’25 Doğa E.

TAC’25 Mehmet D. G.

TAC’25 Mehmet K.

TAC’25 Ünal E. M.

TAC’25 Sarp S. S.

TAC’25 Deniz D. S.

TAC’25 Azra N. U.

Tenth Year March

The enthusiastic performance of the Tenth Year March, played and sung by students and teachers, was a glorious closing to the Republic Day celebration.

TAC’24 Ozan D.

TAC’23 Tuna Y.

TAC’25 Sinemis K.

Ayşegül Yıldıran Eroğlu, Müzik Öğretmeni

Fulya Kandır, Müzik Öğretmeni

Remembering Atatürk

We remember the promise made by our great leader, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, with strong determination. For 98 years, we have been living by the paramount principles of the Republic. Happy Republic Day!

Please click on the photo of Ataturk to watch the Republic Day message of the Health and Education Foundation.

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