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Kate H. and Helen S.


Athena, the goddess of wisdom, war, peace, and health. She was the guardian of the city Athens.

Athena’s mother was Metis and her father, Zeus. Her mother was Zeus’s first wife. When metias was pregnant, Zeus was told a prophecy that his child would grow to be greater than him. Zeus did not want that to happen. To make sure the child wasn’t born he turned Metais into a fly. One day, he had a terrible headache. he asked Hephaestus d to split his skull with an ax. Supposedly, it was an effort to stop the pain. When Hephaestus stuck his head, a pretty young goddess sprang from his forehead. This goddess was Athena. She came out fully armed and with a shout of victory. Athena became and grew to become Zeus’s favorite child. She invented the potter’s wheel and the flute. he had lots of talents. she had no love affairs, unlike most gods. She was a virgin. She loved war and was always prepared.


My interview with Athena

Interviewer: Hello Athena! So nice to be talking to you. Now can you tell me about your competition with poseidon?

Athena: Oh yes well we called king Cecrops to be our judge. He said whoever could present the city with the best gift would get the city. So poseidon went first. he got a massive trident. He struck the earth and created a sea. at first everyone loved it. But then when the people came to taste the water it was salty and nobody wanted to drink salty water. Right? So then when it was my turn I planted a seed. Then over time it grew to be a olive tree. Everyone loved it because the oil could be use for food, for cooking, and the wood from the tree could be used to build houses and boats. Everyone loved my gift. Who could blame them? So King Cecrops made me the winner!

Interviewer: Wow! How interesting! Then is that why your symbol is the olive tree?

Athena: Yes and it is also the owl because owls are wise and I am the goddess of wisdom.

Interviewer: Oh that makes sense. Now can you tell me more about the weaving competition?

Athena: Yes well there was a lady named Arachne. She said she was the best weaver ever. Well I knew that wasn't true. So I challenged her to a weaving competition.

Interviewer: Oh. Okay then what happened?

Athena: I started to weave a picture of the competition between poseidon and I. But she was weaving a picture making the gods and goddesses look weak and lazy. I was so mad at her!!!!!

Interviewer: Well I would be pretty upset too if someone weaved of picture of me looking weak.

Athena: Yes I was very mad. She didn't even seem to care about what I thought. She only cared about weaving. So, I turned her into a spider so that she could weave for the rest of her life!

Interviewer: Oh my! Well, I guess that is a good punishment.

Athena:Yes it was and still is. If she only cared about weaving, when she is a spider that is the only thing she can do!

Interviewer: Okay then I have another question.

Athena: I would love to answer it!

Interviewer: Why do you disguise yourself sometimes?

Athena: I disguise myself to trick people into doing what I want them to do. Also, to see how they would treat me if I was an ordinary human instead of a god/goddess.

Interviewer: Interesting! Well I think I have run out of questions. I will talk to you later!

Athena: Yes! It was good talking to you! Bye.

Interviewer: I hope we can do this again sometime!

Athena: Okay! Bye now.

A comparison between Athena and Tammy Duckworth

Athena Similar Tammy Duckworth

~She is a Goddess.

~ Both are women.

~ She is a human being.

~She was born and lives on Mount Olympus.

~ Both have parents.

~ She was born in Thailand.

~ Both have relations to war.

~ She is Asian-American.

~She is Greek.

~ Both work at their country's capital.

~ She is a congress woman for Illinois.

~ She is the goddess of wisdom.

~ Both have their own unique accessories. ~ Tammy lost both her legs in the war. She now has robotic legs.

~ Athena can be seen a shield and helmet.

( It goes Athena, Similarities, and then Tammy).