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November 2014

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A lot of times we underestimate our worth in the classroom. Obstacles like poor parenting, poverty, or “those darn video games” often make us feel powerless as educators. Use the following quote to encourage and remind you that you DO have an impact; your actions and words can make a greater difference in the lives of your students than all the barriers you might be trying to break down in the process!

“I’ve come to a frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element in the classroom. It’s my personal approach that creates the climate. It’s my daily mood that makes the weather. As a teacher, I possess a tremendous power to make a child’s life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated and a child humanized or dehumanized.” – Haim Ginott


Tips And Strategies

Now that you have recognized that what you do on a daily basis is impactful and impressionable, here are some suggestions that you can try to improve student behavior and the overall functioning of your classroom:

  • Be Consistent With Rules/Expectations: Try to redirect consistently, calmly, and predictably. In order for kids to react calmly and resiliently, they must be able to predict how you are going to react to situations.
  • Pick Your Battles: No one likes a nitpicker; picking out every single thing students do wrong every day will not only hinder progress but it will also drive you insane!!
  • Build A Community: Foster a sense of community in your classroom where everyone is a valued member of that community.
  • Plan Student-Centered Activities: Make your class time an interactive experience by encouraging interaction and engagement among students; seek out ways to keep your students actively involved in the learning rather than passively sitting while you do all the talking.
  • Provide Hands-On Experiences: Gather tools and materials for the children to physically touch and manipulate while learning. Make instruction a hands-on-and-do experience rather than just a hands-in-your-lap experience.



Tips and tricks

November Guidance Focus

Respect Counselor Lesson

All students will receive a counselor guidance lesson with their class during the week of Nov. 10- Nov. 14 and participate in activities which revolve around the monthly district focus of respect. Students will learn the true meaning and understand the importance of showing respect to ourselves, others, the community, and our environment. Students will identify strategies to demonstrate respectful behavior such as following the Golden Rule, tolerating individual differences, being kind to others, using good manners, considering others' feelings, and solving problems with peaceful solutions. Students will also classify respectful vs. disrespectful behavior. Additionally, students will continue to demonstrate their knowledge beyond the guidance lesson by applying learned skills/strategies to real life situations on a daily basis through respectful interactions with others while at school.

Take Responsibility for Instilling Respect In Your Students

Educators are sometimes quick to judge kids who consistently make poor decisions and label them as "disrespectful" or "defiant". Defiant people have fought revolutions, marched for civil rights, started businesses, and molded the world we live in. If those before us simply accepted everything as it was, many of the rights and privileges we enjoy today would not be available to us. Don't write off your difficult kids; just figure out ways to harness their “power” for good! Consider these tips to foster a community of respect in your classroom:

  • Redirect Students in a Respectful Manner: Be brief, calm, and to the point when needing to correct behavior. Long, drawn out explanations embarrass children and generally lead to resentment, not respect!

  • Allow Students To “Save Face”: Discipline in private; your attitude toward students will be mirrored by other students in your class. Be aware of your own attitudes/feelings towards specific students and avoid targeting a student for their behavior.

  • Apologize: The imperfect nature of humanity results in mistakes made by all at some point in time- yourself included! Make sure to grant an apology to students when they deserve one from you; not only does this teach children that everyone (even adults) makes mistakes, but it shows them that you have respect for their dignity as a person as well.
  • Be On Their Team: With everything you do, always ensure students feel your support; facing the world every day is hard enough and no one should have to do it alone!

Holiday Assistance

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Belton Early Childhood School wants every family to enjoy a joyful holiday. If you are interested in helping achieve this goal, you can assist in several ways: by sponsoring a BECS student in need, by donating money which will be used to purchase gifts for a student in need, or by participating in the Toy Drive. Contact Jennifer Whitley for additional information. Please also see the information below regarding meal assistance for families.


A local food pantry called Helping Hands Ministry provides qualifying families with assistance. On November 19th-20th Helping Hands is offering a Thanksgiving meal to qualifying families and on December 18th-19th for Christmas. To qualify for assistance/services, families must visit the Helping Hands building at the address below no later than November 18th to get a ticket for the Thanksgiving meal and no later than December 16th for the Christmas meal. Families must also bring with them a picture ID for all adults in the household, original birth certificates for children and a proof of address for the current month (electric, water, natural gas).

Helping Hands Ministry

2210 Holland Road

Belton, Tx 76513

(254) 939-7355

Open Monday/Tuesday 10am-4pm

Thursday 12pm-6pm

Parent Newsletter

Please take time to read the parent version of the Counselor's Corner for November so that you are aware of the resources and information it provides to families. Since the Counselor's Corner for parents will not be printed out and sent home with students, I am relying on teachers to help direct parents to my counselor website where the newsletters are posted each month. To access it parents will need to go to --> Belton Early Childhood School --> Our School --> Counselor. For your convenience, I have provided the link that will take you straight to my website for you to click here: Use the links on the left to navigate my counselor page: Parent Newsletter --> Click November2014.

Additionally, BISD has recently added a School Counselor link which provides information regarding a School Counselor's role and responsibilities. If you would like to access this page, go to --> Departments --> School Counseling.

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