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September 23, 2019

District Heroes Week

Event Participation

District Heroes Week is designated to focus student learning on the members of our district and our community. Teaching young children about community helpers is a popular unit, and for good reason. Preschoolers love to dress up and do what they see adults do. Collaboration with various TISD departments will provide rich experiences that will allow for making connections between what students are learning and what they are seeing in their environment. All units for learning incorporate cognitive, motor, social, and emotional development.

Throughout the week we will be introducing our students to personnel who help in the overall well-being of our district. We have some amazing experiences planned.

Please visit the link below to review events and to determine participation. If no form is received, students will not be able to participate in events.

District Heroes Week


Tomball Star Academy students have been volunteering on Fridays at EEA. These students are working towards their Associate of Arts degree from Lone Star College. They have helped with large scale class projects, science experiments, and craft preparations. We appreciate them so much! A big TISD SHOUT OUT to Kim McKinney and Leslie Wilson for their help with this project!


September 23-27: District Heroes Week

  • Monday: Child Nutrition
  • Tuesday: Safety (Wear blue in honor of our Police Officers)
  • Wednesday: Maintenance and Construction (Wear Neon)
  • Thursday: Transportation (Wear Red, Green, or Yellow)
  • Friday: Emergency Response (Wear Red and White)

September 26: Johnny Appleseed Day

  • Students will learn about the history of Johnny Appleseed and participate in activities throughout the day with apples. Please wear red, yellow, or green.

October 9-11: Fire Prevention Week

  • Fire Truck visit is scheduled for October 9.

October 31: Trick or Treating

  • Students will wear festive Halloween t-shirts or orange and black

Teaching Your Child to Write

Writing is the other half of reading. Once children learn that symbols (letters and numbers) have meaning, they become interested in representing those symbols in writing. Like reading, writing is a process that begins by understanding the function of writing and why adults do it. Writing skills during the toddler years will be limited to scribbling and making marks on paper using a variety of utensils such as crayons, pencils, markers, or dotters. To encourage this, EEA students practice writing every chance we get.

Expect illegible writing well into the fourth year. Then, you will begin to see letters of their name and drawings you can recognize. Rather than focusing on whether you can read your child's writing, ask your child to tell you what it says. As long as our children know their writing has meaning, the process of learning is on the right track!

The small muscles of the hands and fingers are the most important for developing handwriting skills.

Here are some fine motor development activities to help strengthen muscles needed for learning to write:

  • Using a spray bottle to water plants
  • Practice grabbing and holding small items with tweezers or tongs
  • Using a paper punch
  • String pasta or cereal onto yarn
  • Cut and make a mosaic from thick paper
  • Create eye-dropper art on coffee filters with food coloring and water
  • Playing Jacks
  • Paint or draw on vertical surfaces like an easel

At EEA, we love to build in activities to strengthen our fine motor skills! Just take a look!

Just a Reminder-Have you Filled a Bucket Today?

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Thank you to those families who have completed responses to our inquiries on Spirit Shirts and School Pictures. Please give us your feedback by Friday, September 27, by clicking on the link HERE.

Coffee in the Cafe

Parents, we continue to invite you to join us for "Coffee in the Cafe." Coffee in the Cafe is a designated time devoted to visiting with our families weekly as we continue to grow. Families can build supportive relationships with each other and center staff as they offer feedback regarding EEA. Your feedback will then be used to facilitate our families' needs as well as to develop our center.

Coffee in the Cafe is held each Friday from 3:30 pm to 4:45 in our center's cafeteria. If you are unable to enjoy a cup of coffee with us, please leave us an "EspressNote." EspressNotes can be completed at any time and reviewed by staff on Fridays.

We will keep the coffee pot full for you!

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Our Child Nutrition staff has been amazing! Hot lunches have been delivered daily since the first day of school and the menu has been a huge hit with our little cats! The staff at THS needs our lunch count by 9:15, so parents please let your teacher know whether or not a lunch will be needed if your child is coming in late.


Please make sure the following items are ready for your child daily:

-Two changes of clothes, including socks and underwear

-Morning and afternoon snacks

-Nap time materials

-Reusable water cup

Contact Us

Continue to log into Brightwheel for all daily activities and notes from staff. If you are having concerns with receiving updates, please let any member of EEA know!