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Thank you for visiting the Counselor Corner Newsletter. Here you will find information pertaining to the School Motto and Positive Action along with classroom guidance lessons, campus activities and resources.

School Motto

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Character Education - Positive Action

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Families in need of weekend snack support may register by scanning the QR code or click the link below. Please have your student ID available and complete one form per student.

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Grade Level Guidance Lessons and Key Topics (schedule)

September 7: Feelings

September 12: Flip Your Lid - Why We Lose Control of Our Emotions

September 21: Growth Mindset and the Power of YET!

September 26: Friendships

October 5: Communication and the Power of Our Words (responsibility and respect)

October 17: Bully

Learn More about the Key Topics:

Lesson 1: Feelings

Students learned that emotions are a reaction in our brain. Emotions can show up for many reasons. They can show up to help you when people say and do things and when things happen around you. Our emotions react to the variables in our day by creating feelings.

Feelings are very important. It is important to identify your feelings. When you learn how to name your feelings, it will help you get along better with other people and solve problems.

Kids Feelings and Emotions SONG Animation with A Little SPOT
Know Your Emotions

Lesson 2: Flip Your Lid - Why We Lose Control of Our Emotions (feelings)

We discussed something all of us have and use – THE BRAIN and what happens in our brain when our feelings get too big. When our feelings get too big, we can Flip Our Lid. We lose control of our feelings. It can affect our choices, actions, and behavior.

Also, included in this lesson were helpful strategies to help us gain control of our feelings. For example, take a deep breath and exhale slowly (repeat), walk away and take a break from the situation, calm down tools, calm corner/quiet area or speak to a trusted adult.

HOW TO teach Brain in the Palm of Hand to kids
Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions?

Lesson 3: Growth Mindset and the Power of YET!

Growth Mindset – The Power of Yet!

What is the best thing that can help you learn? What is the worst thing that can keep you from learning?

Answer: Your Mindset

Compare and Contrast: Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

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The Power of YET!

It might get difficult. It might be hard. You might feel like quitting. However,

All things are possible with three little letters: Y-E-T!!!

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Just For FUN: Growth Mindset and the Power of YET! (videos below)

One Thousand Steps Song
The Growth Mindset Song (I HAVE A GO) - Music Video - I HAVE A GO

Lesson 4: Friendships

Making friends can be one of the happiest experiences of growing up. However, it is not necessarily one of the easiest. It can be challenging. Learning how to make friends may bring up questions and feelings that need to be addressed.

Make New Friends with these 5 Easy Steps
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What is Cyberbullying?

Helpful Tips


1. Make sure mom and dad know every time you are on-line.

2. Only play games on line or chat with friends you and your parents know.

3. Let your mom and dad know anytime someone is mean, rude, or uses inappropriate language with you on-line.


1. Keep computer in common area and make rules about your kids not going on-line without your permission.

2. Make it your business to know who they encounter or talk to on-line - be close by whenever they are on-line.

3. Remind them to come and tell you when someone is being rude, or uses inappropriate language with them. Most social sites have a way to report and that on-line behavior must be reported.

Report Cyberbullying

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Mrs. Reed

Bryson Elementary School Counselor