Marketing Plan

By: Peyton Sewell and Holly Bragg

Bewell Bottles

Our bottles are made out of all recycled materials and keep your water cold for over 48 hours. With a unique design made to maximize functionality our bottle design is separate from our competitors. Unlike many of our competitors who use dangerous materials when creating their bottles, our company aims to create a bottle that is safe, practical, and comfortable for the active person.

Target Market


- Age: 17-55 years old

- Income: Middle class $55,000


- Lifestyle: for the active single and family person

- Leisure Time: For active and adventurous people that are away from the conveniences of their own home for extended periods of time


- Country: United States for now, expand over seas in the future

- Climate: fairly sunny and warm climate with few rainy or snowy days a year

Consumer behavior:

- Usage: Buy a new water bottle about once a year

- Size: People look for how much water can be held in a water bottle before they buy it

- Style/Design: They will look at what the water bottle looks like


- Indirect: the water bottle would be sold indirectly and found in sporting goods stores

- It will be sold in stores like Sports Authority, DIck's Sporting Goods, Big 5, and local grocery stores

- Selective: Our water bottle will be sold in select retail stores like sporting goods stores, grocery stores, and outdoor equipment stores. We will also sell our products online in places like Amazon and our own website.

- You can find the water bottles in the front of the store where you check out or at the front entrance and this is because that way they catch your attention and make you want to buy them


- Product Benefits: Keeps water cold for an extended period of time

- Special features: Our water bottle offers cold water for up to 48 hours and the water bottle is made out of all eco friendly materials unlike our competitors that use materials that can cause cancer

- Packaging: small sticker on the bottle lid that explains the companies mission and motto


Mission: Our mission is to provide a safe and functional water bottle for active people all around the world.

TV ads: We will create commercials that will emphasize the features of our water bottles that differ from our competitors. We will air these commercials on channels like ESPN, Fox, ABC, Discovery channel, and NBC. They will be on during shows like The Amazing Race, any College football games, and the Olympics. They will also be on during major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Series, and the World Cup.

Twitter: We plan to have a Twitter account where we will post some of our major sales and also discount counts to buy our products. We will also do giveaways that will include our water bottles and other sports gear.

Instagram: On our Instagram account we will post insider pictures of our bottles being made and we will have pictures of our athlete sponsors and them using our bottles.


16 ounce: $9.00

24 ounce: $11.99

32 ounce: $14.99

- We plan to have many different styles and designs of water bottles and so these prices would be the average prices between all of the bottles.

- Our prices will be moderate to our competitors. The prices we provide aren't prestige prices, but they aren't low end where people won't trust our brand. We believe that our prices are the middle ground for buying a water bottle.

- Instead of charging a price much higher or much lower than our competitors, we decided to base our prices on our competitors prices because these companies are fully developed and know what they are doing, so we thought it would be best to base our prices off of theirs.We also thought this because many people who buy water bottles wouldn't buy our bottles if they were too high a price or too low.

Market Research

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