The Five Greatest Achievments of Mesopotamia

Agriculture of Mesopotamia- Achievement #1

  • Every year, the flooding of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers helped the soil
  • The soil in Mesopotamia was rich with silt and very healthy
  • The people of Mesopotamia were one of the first to use irrigation
  • Irrigation had an impact on the Mesopotamian people, because it helped the crops live, which helped them survive
  • Irrigation and Agriculture have impacted us today by the way we do things and the ways we farm
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Tecnology/ Inventions of Mesopotamia- Achievement #2

  • One of the greatest inventions of Mesopotamia was plumbing
  • Another invention of Mesopotamia was writing or pictograms, used to communicate information of crops and taxes
  • Inventions of the Mesopotamians has impacted us by giving us a new way of communication
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Math/Astrology- Achievement #3

  • Mesopotamians created the Babylonian calendar
  • This calendar had twelve months and 354 days
  • Created different symbols for numbers
  • When Mesopotamians came up with the numbers, there was no zero

Medicine- Achievment #4

  • People wrote about medicine on cuneiform tablets, which people used to communicate back then
  • With certain illnesses, people would blame god for the cause
  • People would use plants to heal illnesses
  • Although thoughts on how illnesses occur, people still some of the same ideas about medicine as the Mesopotamians did

Architecture- Achievement #5

  • Instead of building pyramids or temples for their gods, people built ziggurats
  • People built them out of adobe/ mud brick
  • The ziggurats were built very high, so people could pray closer to god
  • Today, people have learned how people built the ziggurats and are learning more about them
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