Pecks Training

We train you, so you can achieve your goals

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Football Camps

Our football camps are open from kids ages 9 to 18. We will do different kinds of camps. We will do more instructional camps and we will also do more combine camps. At our camps there will be collegeg coaches there to watch the older atheltes. At the end of each camp an mvp will be picked. Each kid will recieve a free camp t-shirt for attending.


Training Sessions

We also over training sessions for athletes to get individual time with our trainers. We can give individual sessions to anyone in any sport. You can have the choice to come to our facilities or we can meet you somewhere. All of our trainers played in college or the pros. so you will be getting expert training from great athletes. you will have the option of having a 1 or 2 hour session.

1 hour session=60$ 2 hour session= 100$

Basketball Camps

We will also be hosting AAU basketball tournaments. The age group will be from middle school and up. Each tournament will consist of 16 teams. The top four teams will recieve trophies. It will be double elimination format. We will play 8 minute quarters. And play by the high school rule book.

Price=500$ a team

Speed And Agility

We also over speed and agility camps. Every wednesday and Friday we will have Speed and Agility. Elementary school from 7-8. And middle school and above from 8-9. The lessons will be taught by True Ap. These camps will go year round. Will not be open on holdays.


Our mission is to train athletes so that one day they may achieve their dreams.