5th Grade News

Week of January 16th

Our theme this year is "Wolfpack Strong." We believe that learning and growing together is the key to our success. Strength lies in the pack, and we will remember this theme throughout the year as we work cooperatively to be successful!

Learning Objectives This Week


Determine the theme and make inferences using text evidence from a myth.

Friday 1/20--Myth Test (major)


Draft and revise our fantasy writings.

Friday 1/20--Collective Nouns (minor)


Algebraic Reasoning: Equations, Expressions, and Tables


Identify fossils as evidence of past living organisms

**TEST on January 27th over Earth's Surface and Resources (sedimentary rocks, fossil fuels, fossils and the water cycle)**

Social Studies

Review the Bill of Rights and determine what rights each Amendment protects. Begin reviewing the reasons people moved west.

Tuesday 1/17--Bill of Rights (major)


Homework is on Canvas. It is due on Friday, January 20th.

Homework is graded based on accuracy.

Reading- See Canvas. It is under quizzes.

Math- Textbook pages 913 and 914. It says "TEST" but it's not a test! :) It's just a homework grade.

Science-See Canvas. It is under quizzes.

Information and News

Upcoming Events:

January 16 - Martin Luther King Day-No school

January 24 - Seven Lakes Parent Info Meeting (see info below)


January 26 - Open House

January 26 - Tays Junior High Course Selection Info Night at TJH Cafeteria and LGI

For more information:

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwYyJXIj9kBWeUE1eC1LZlhpdlk (info below if link doesn't work)

February 7 - Progress Reports go home

February 10 - Early dismissal

February 14 - Friendship Party

Seven Lakes Parent Info Meeting: January 24

Parents and students are invited to attend an informational meeting to learn about our classes and programs! You will have an opportunity to speak with teachers, see performances by our Fine Arts department, meet campus VIPs & get in the

Spartan Spirit.

WHEN: Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 - - 5:30-7:15

WHERE: Seven Lakes Junior High

Program for the evening:

5:30-6:20 Fine Arts Presentation in Cafeteria

6:20-6:30 Transition to Competition Gym

6:30-7:15 Presentation in Competition Gym

TAYS Junior High Parent Info Meeting: January 26

Two sessions are available to accommodate you if you would like to also attend the TWE Open House.

Counselors will provide information about TJH and 6th grade course selection.

Fine Arts teachers will answer questions on the Fine Arts electives.

WHEN: Thursday, January 26 (5:00-6:15 OR 6:15-7:30)

WHERE: Tays Junior High Cafe and LGI

Session 1 - 5:00-6:15

  • Counselors in the Cafe from 5:00-5:45
  • Come and Go Elective questions and answers in the LGI from 5:45-6:15

Session 2 - 6:15-7:30

  • Counselors in the Cafe from 6:15-7:00
  • Come and Go Elective questions and answers in the LGI from 7:00-7:15


Our school has entered the Istation Participant Contest. The contest will run until January 31. The school with the largest increase in Istation usage will win! We have the opportunity to win a $500 donation to our school, a red cape for every classroom teacher, certificates, and an Istation t-shirt and poster for each grade level’s top student. Student’s usage counts at both home and school. Students can access Istation at home by downloading the program onto a home computer, ipad, or chromebook. If you are having difficulty logging on at home, please contact laurielhaseltine@katyisd.org Parents can also create an account to track their student’s progress. Students should be actively engaged with the program for at least 20-30 minutes. If a lesson is not completed, the program will have them repeat the lesson until it is completed.

Yearbook Ads

Purchase your TWE Yearbook Ad today. They are on sale now through February 16, 2017. Only $20 for 1/8 page ad and $40 for 1/4 page ad. Go to jostens.com and select Yearbook Recognition Ads to place your order. An ad can be purchased at any time before the deadline for K-5 grades. You can also purchase your TWE yearbook at the same link if you have not already purchased one.

TWE Family Fitbit Challenge

Do you or your child have a Fitbit? Are you interested in some friendly competition among the TWE community? If so, please join the TWE Family Fitness Fitbit Winter/Spring 2017 Challenge. For more information, please go to http://twepta.org/twepta2014/index.php/en/.

Think Through Math:

This is a free, online math program that allows students to learn and practice to improve mathematics skills. By using Think Through Math on a regular basis, students will become better at problem-solving and computation. These are important skills for success on the STAAR test, 5th grade classroom work, and preparation for 6th grade math. Students access Think Through Math using their MyKatyCloud account.

2016-2017 TWE Yearbooks on Sale

Get your yearbook for this year by visiting http://www.jostens.com/yearbooks/high-school-yearbooks.html. Type in Tom Wilson Elementary.

Don't miss out on also ordering the 5th Grade Extended Edition. This will be an extra insert to go into the yearbook that will have only 5th grade events that happen after the yearbook deadline. It will be an 8-12 page supplement. It will be mailed out after school is over. You will be able to attach the supplement into the yearbook.

January Core Essential: Knowledge

Knowledge-Discovering something new so you can be better at whatever you do

The animal that represents knowledge is the owl. The color of the month is gold.

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