PBL 4- War on Drugs!!

Group 6's Plan of Action!!

The Intro!

Hi! This is Samantha Thornton, Josh Durham, Jaden Attwell, and Mya Hernandez bringing you this awesome smore!

There are so many drug dealers around my house. The police said they learned how to make drugs Overseas. We are trying to stop people from smuggling drugs overseas and from Mexico

Past Plans!

The U.S. has tried many plans, and they have caught more and more drug dealers over the years. But even though these plans have been effective, drugs are still being brought into our country, and South America is not even trying to their fullest to catch these drug dealers. Some of these past plans have been border patrols, investigastion of suspicious houses, and keeping a very careful eye on trucks, hiring agents to spot and arrest drug dealers. We believe our plan will stop these drugs from entering our country.

Our Plan of Action!

We are going to build a 50ft wall with choppers and S.W.A.T teams protecting the walls from intruders and were going to put more security at all ports and boarder patrol stations and we will put airports on the edge of the wall so we can check the plane for smuggling. A new law has been passed making it mandatory that you have a passport to pass over the boarder.


We successfully figured out how to stop drug smugglers from coming into the U.S. Hope you liked our smore!


  1. Samantha- I learned about how people smuggle drugs and I liked that we got to choose our type of presentation.
  2. Josh- I liked how we chose our type of presentation.
  3. Jaden-I learned that Columbia was the main producer of coal and coca.
  4. Mya-I like that i got a candy bar.