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February 3, 2014

This week's meeting will focus on the 8th Grade Retreat, so Mr. Alvarado will run it.

Opening Prayer

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Friday Prayer

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Daily Mass Reminders

Monday February 3 - Andres

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Monthly Peer Ministry Mass

When and where should we have our Monthly Peer Ministry Mass for February?

8th Grade Retreat

This is a joint project between Senior Peer Ministers and Junior Peer Ministers in the class working together, the goal is to minister to 8th graders who are preparing for the transition into High School, the theme of the day is: One Heart, One Spirit, One Family in Christ.

Schedule (Subject to change)

9:00-Arrival and Greeting- As students arrive from each school, we will be welcoming them, 17 will be assigned to personally escort the schools as they join. As they walk in and we will give them different colored Hawaiian leis, these leis will later be used to split them off into groups. The 17 assigned will escort the schools to the gym and welcome them, getting to know them and doing small icebreakers.

9:30-Opening Prayer: Mr. Alvarado

Welcome: Mr. Beatty (Introduce theme of “Family” and discuss the meaning of a “retreat”).

Introductions: Peer Minister, ASB, Faculty and Staff

9:45-Break into Groups (Peer Ministers invite students to their tables)

Ice Breaker Ball (Two to three tables unite and play together)

10:00-Tables Reconvene (Name tags with the answer to the Ice Breaker Ball) as tables work on their name tags and get to know one another, a morning snack will be distributed (10 PM's needed)

10:20 -Presentation: Mr. Beatty (Students return to bleachers in their new families for a presentation of The Notre Dame Family Crest)

10:30-Family Crest Activity: Mr. Alvarado (Families will work together to create a family crest poster). Near the end, groups share with other groups around them, if time permits, have some of the more unique and thoughtful designs shared with the entire group.

11:15-Talk: A Peer Minister shares on their experience of Notre Dame being a family.

11:25-Small Group Sharing Questions

11:45-Lunch with your Family. Pizza and juice will be distributed and as a group find a place outside to eat lunch together. As lunch begins to fizzle out.

12:30-Afternoon Icebreakers, Peer Ministers will go outside and lead large group ice breakers between the families.

12:50- Gather back into the Gym for a Large Group Photo, gathered in your new families.

1:00 p.m. Conclusion- Cor Unum et Anima Una - Your challenge to find your One Heart, One Spirit (Mr. Alvarado)

1:10 p.m. - Families say goodbyes and gather back with their schools, the gifts for each school are then given with the instructions to not open until they get back to their schools.

1: 20 p.m. Closing Prayer

1:30 p.m. Dismissal

Closing Prayer