Mrs. Leathers's 5th Grade

Eagleville School

What's Up?

This month we are going to be focusing on testing strategies in order to prepare for the upcoming TCAP test. TCAP is April 28-May 1st. Please be on the look out for practice TCAP tests coming home. These are a good indicator of your student's scores as well as areas of reinforcement. I've discussed with the students how TCAP will never measure their character or their value to society, however, I do feel it is important for them to try their best to show what they know. Below I've added a few visuals that may help to better understand some of the content we are currently covering. Also, you'll find that I've added a few links to websites containing helpful information in case your child may be struggling with these concepts.


We are running low on the following supplies. If you could donate any of the following, it would be greatly appreciated:



-Dry Erase Markers

Monthly Content Focus

Each month we like to inform parents of the content we are teaching. Listed below, you will find each state standard for what we will be working on in class.

  • Comparing fractions and decimals
  • Reading and writing decimal place value to the millionths place
  • Summaries of speeches
  • Outlines
  • Sequencing of paragraphs and sentences
  • Quotations (you may here us using the term "tag" as well...that refers to the structure of the sentence usually phrased as: said Jan, grumbled Don, yelled Susan, whispered Margaret, etc.)
  • Heat Transfer (Convection, Conduction, & Radiation)
  • Planetary Characteristics
  • Bill of Rights, Amendments, & The Constitution

Upcoming Events & Reminders

  • EMS Cheer Parent Meeting @ 6:30 is HS library
  • In-School Softball game is Wednesday, April 15th @ 1:00. Admission is $1 for elementary and $2 for middle and high school students. Concessions will also be sold.
  • Progress reports go home Tuesday, April 14th
  • We will be building ecocolumns in science starting next week. If you have any old clear 2 liters, please send them in with your child :-)
  • We have extended the spring shirt sale until next Friday, April 17th.
  • TCAP is April 28th- May 1st
  • We will have the end of the year awards ceremonies on Thursday, May 14th in the new gym at 9:15.

Inferencing Lesson

Inference Video


Constellations Song
Bill Nye The Science Guy S01E02 Earths Crust