Lab Project

By: Maidelyn Pineiro, Katlin Reed, Kaleyanne Staples


we believe what will happen is that the sugar will dissolve in the water withing 30 seconds to a minute.

First and Second Time Lapse for 140 Degrees

30.95- the water was still foggy with sugar particles still visible within the water. the sugar was not effected within the first 30 seconds.

1:13.27- all the sugar that was added to the beaker has dissolved and the water was clear with no evidence of having sugar inside it.

(140 degrees, 5ML of sugar, 100ML of water)

First and Second Time lapse for 120 Degrees

30.40- the water was not that foggy, and majority of the sugar in the water has dissolved.

1:49.82- the water is clear and there is no sugar left.

(120 degrees, 5ML of sugar,100ML of water)

First,Second,Third Time Lapse for 30 Degrees

30.02- the sugar was still there and the water looks foggy.

1:00.26- majority of the sugar is still there and the water is still foggy looking.

2:55.97- all the sugar was dissolved and the water was a bit clearer.

(30 degrees, 5ML of sugar, 100ML of water)

Background Information

why does sugar dissolve in water with temperature?

- The reason why sugar dissolves at a faster rate in hot water has to do with increased molecular motion. The added energy in the hot water causes water molecules to move faster and sucrose molecules to vibrate faster.

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Whats happening?

-The cold water isn't able to dissolve as much sugar as the hot water, but why? Another name for the liquids inside the cups is a 'solution', when this solution can no longer dissolve sugar it becomes a 'saturated solution', this means that sugar starts forming on the bottom of the cup.

The reason the hot water dissolves more is because it has faster moving molecules which are spread further apart than the molecules in the cold water. With bigger gaps between the molecules in the hot water, more sugar molecules can fit in between.

Experimental Design

Variable: Temperature of the water.

Constant: glass cup, hot plate, amount of solute, amount of water, type of solute, the stirring of the solute.

Materials: water, sugar, hot plate, thermometer


  1. add 10 milliliters of water in the glass cup
  2. measure the temperature of the water when the hot plate is on
  3. add 5 milliliters of sugar into the water
  4. stir 3 times around completely
5. then time how long it takes the sugar to dissolve

Organization: write down what the solution looks like after every 30 seconds.