Catherine, Called Birdy

Join little birdy Catherine on a thrill-seeking journey


Catherine, the main character, lived in the one and only Middle Ages, in the village of Stonebridge in the shire of Lincoln, in the country of England in the hands of God on this 19th day of the month of September in the year of Our Lord 1290.


1. Twelfth day of September is when Catherine starts writing.

2. Catherine heads out with the Jews the morning after they arrive to then get off at the Wooton harvest festival.

3. Next Catherine is forced home by a man by the name William Steward.

4. Then

Characteristics of Catherine

Catherine, othwerwise known as a little bird or little birdy Catherine, is impatient, spoiled, young, and


  • Catherine is the most important character of the book and the first introduced.
  • The next listed character is her father, also known as Rollo or "The Beast".
  • Next is her mother, lady Aislinn or the mother of Catherine.
  • Then Robert comes in, Catherine also calls him the "Abominable Robert".
  • Edward comes after and he is the one that makes Catherine write and is also hers and his mothers favorite child (Catherine's brother).
  • Then there is good ol' Thomas which is also Catherine's last, and probably the youngest, brother.
  • Later there is Morwenna who is Catherine's old caretaker, babysitter.
  • Perkin is following, Perkin is the main villager in the story and also is the goat boy.


I predict that later in the story Catherine will leave the comfort of her manor and also her comfort zone for a more adventerous place in the lands. She may also go out in the world and live as a mere villager or as anybody else that is under her.