Light Bulbs

By: Matt strowmatt

When the light bulb was invented.

-The first electric light was made in 1800 by HUMPHREY DAVY an English scientist. He experimented with electricity and invented an electric battery. When he connected wires to his battery and a piece of carbon, the carbon glowed, producing light. This is called an electric arc.

-But the actual light bulb we know today with the buld around it was created by THOMAS ELVA EDISON in 1879.

How where/are light bulbs useful!

The light bulb was so useful when it was invented, it meant businesses could have longer shifts and work later and have more production flowing through there business.

people could see to get things done. And look at it now there are lights in every building and even on streets, and we now can have stop light all because of the light bulb.

The change in the look!

There have been many changes in the look of the light bulb starting from a piece of wire, to now bulbs some spiral, round, small, or big.

Efficacy chart