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Fine Arts Events for the Week of April 20-24

April 20, 2015

CHS Night of One Acts @ 6:30pm in the CHS PAC

April 23, 2015

CLHS Dance Spring Show @7:00pm in the CLHS PAC

SVMS One Act Play Performance@ 7:00pm in the SVMS Cafetorium

GRES Final Strings Performance @5:00pm

April 24, 2015

CLHS Dance Spring Show @7:30pm in the CLHS PAC

April 25, 2015

CHS performs at Schlitterbahn SoundWaves Choral Festival

CLHS Lil Emmy Clinic

CLHS Dance Spring Show @1:30pm and 7:30pm in the CLHS PAC

CHS Band Banquet TBA

Canyon Lake High School Spring Show



  • APRIL 24TH @ 7:30 PM
  • APRIL 25TH @ 1:30 PM AND 7:30 PM





There will be a barbeque lunch/dinner that will be $10 for drink, food and dessert.

Contact Dance Director, Kara Endsley at with any


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Canyon High School Choirs Celebrate UIL Success!

Canyon HS Non-Varsity Treble Choir received a 2 in Concert and straight 1s in Sight-reading.

They performed:

Exaudi! Laudate!, by Patton

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, by Felciano

You Stole My Love, by MacFarren

Judge’s comments:


Tone is homogenous – bravo!

Overall, good choral tone.

I love the energy that you sing with.


Good musicality and sensitivity in your singing.

So musical; nice way to start off our afternoon – thank you!!

Canyon HS Varsity Treble Choir received Sweepstakes – (1-1-2 in Concert; 1-1-1 in Sight Reading)

They performed:

Cantate Domino, by Hassler

Musica Dei Donum Optimi, by Dvorak

Hello, Girls, by Pfautsch



Nice warm ensemble sound!

Good job with dynamic and word/syllable stress.


You obviously work on musicianship… a lot! It shows here today in a most expressive, yet careful reading.

A musical and expressive reading.

Canyon HS Varsity Mixed Choir received Sweepstakes – (1-1-2 in Concert; 1-1-1 in Sight-reading)

They performed:

Alles hat seine Zeit, by Haydn

Flower of Beauty, by Clements

Soon-Ah Will Be Done, by Dawson



Involved engaged singers – sensitive to text and the musical performance.

Excellent German diction!

Love your intensity and precision.

I have sooo enjoyed the choirs from your school! Clearly, daily work is spent on fundamentals and there is a connection between choir & teacher.

Sight reading:

Thank you for your outstanding work – very musical and expressive.

Now that’s teamwork!

You sang confidently.

The CHS Choir Director is Shareen Vader.

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Smithson Valley High School Choirs Shine at UIL Concert and Sight reading!

SVHS Varsity Mixed Chorus received a 1 in Concert and a 2 in Sight-reading
Directed by:
Joanna Thomasson
Acc: Gwen Gabriel

They performed:

Ecco, Quel Fiero Istante (Mozart/Carl)
Where Dwells the Soul of My Love (Childs)
Let All The People Say Amen (Choplin)

SVHS Non-Varsity Tenor/Bass Chorus received a 2 in concert and a 2 in Sight-reading
Directed by:
Joanna Thomasson
Acc: Gwen Gabriel
They performed:

Chickens in the Garden (Hatfield)
Child of God (Anon. or Trad./Crocker)
Take, O Take Those Lips Away (Hughes/Loose)

SVHS Non-Varsity Treble Chorus received a 2 in Concert and a 1 in Sightreading
Directed by:
Joanna Thomasson
Acc: Gwen Gabriel

They performed:

I Did Not Die (Ulrich)
Deo Gracias (Leininger)
Ah! si mon moine voulait danser! (French)(Anon. or Trad./Patriquin)

SVHS Sub Non-Varsity Treble Chorus received a 3 in Concert and a 2 in Sight-reading.
Directed by:
Joanna Thomasson
Acc: Gwen Gabriel

The performed:

Torah Orah (opt clarinet & bass) (Anon. or Trad./Adams)
For the Beauty of the Earth (Rutter)
El Coqui from Three A cappella Folk Songs from Around the World (Winebrenner)

SVHS Varsity Treble Chorus received Sweepstakes with a 1 in Concert and a 1 in Sight-reading.
Directed by:
Joanna Thomasson
Acc: Gwen Gabriel

They performed:

Romance (Debussy/Raines)
Alleluia (Purcell/Grundahl)
Sail Away Ladies (Herrington)

Comments from the judges included:

Denise Eaton (former TMEA Vocal Division Vice President) writes about SVHS' 15 voice chorale-“I so enjoyed your program today!” Very musical and sensitive singing. Unified healthy tone-top to bottom. “I have so enjoyed all the choirs from this school. Some wonderful teaching and learning happening at Smithson Valley.”

Said by Dinah Menger (vocal division vice president and current president elect of TMEA)-“So well prepared and pristine. You don’t need a lot of singers. You just need the right singers! You are the right ones! Thank you for listening, working hard and giving a truly musical performance.”

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Canyon Lake High School Choir Showcases Excellence at UIL Competition!

CLHS Varsity Mixed Chorus received Sweepstakes with a 1 in Concert and a 1 in Sight-reading.
Directed by:
Jimmy Kritikos
They performed:

God of Life (from The Seasons) (Haydn/Scholz)
The Sweetheart of the Sun (Barnum)
Let There Be Light (Courtney)

CLHS Varsity Tenor/Bass Chorus received Sweepstakes with a 1 in Concert and a 1 in Sight-reading.
Directed by:
Jimmy Kritikos
They performed:

What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor? (Anon. or Trad./Eddleman)
The Silent Land (Childs)
I'm Gonna Sing 'Til the Spirit Moves in My Heart (Hogan/ Eklund)

CLHS Varsity Treble Chorus received Sweepstakes with a 1 in Concert and a 1 in Sight-reading.
Directed by:
Jimmy Kritikos
They performed:

Exaudi! Laudate! (Latin) (Patton)
Ubi Caritas (Gjeilo)
Now Let Me Fly (Gibbs)

CLHS Non-Varsity Treble Chorus received a 1 in Concert and a 2 in Sight-reading.
Directed by:
Jimmy Kritikos

They performed:

Cantate Domino! Alleluia! (Latin) (Miller)

Shady Grove (Anon. or Trad./Bertaux)
The Cloths of Heaven (Elenor Daley)

Judges comments included:

"Just fabulous, Amazing Musicians!"

"Challenging performance sung with artistry!"

"You sing with great heart, passion and skills."

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Comal ISD Fine Arts Calendar

The 2014-15 Comal ISD Fine Arts Calendar can be found at the Comal ISD website.

Check with campuses to confirm events as dates and times are subject to change.

Musical mindset at Indian Springs Elementary

The halls of Indian Springs Elementary School are alive with a variety of musical sounds this spring from native Texas twangs and classical violins to African drums and rhythmic recorders. Musical opportunities abound both inside and outside the classroom for students who can’t stop tapping their toes. Venessa Sloan is the Indian Springs music instructor.

Opportunities such as the Recorder Club, Percussion Club, Strings and the Coyote Choir meet before or after school up to twice a week. Students learn to play instruments, read rhythms and notes and are better prepared for middle school band, choir and orchestra.

The Recorder Club for third through fifth graders meets twice a week before school begins. Students are learning challenging music and having a blast incorporating dance and chants to upbeat recorder music.

Fourth and fifth graders are enjoying the Percussion Club. This group is working on a curriculum that incorporates character traits to drumming; this wonderful concept teaches rhythms in a new and innovative way. African drums and non-pitched percussion instruments are used including the djembe and tubana drums, rain sticks, guiro and claves, gongokui, cowbell, shekere and the talking drum (Adondo). Xylophones are also incorporated to further their enjoyment and to challenge their musical abilities.

The Coyote Choir is back as well this spring and preparing for its Leadership Day performance on Tuesday, May 19. As a Leader in Me campus, Indian Springs Elementary School has spent the year implementing Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” into every aspect of its curriculum including music. Leadership Day is open to the community, and everyone is invited to the campus to see the performances and more.

Violin students in both first- and second- year Strings continue to meet twice a week after school and have made wonderful strides in reading music and playing their instruments.

It turns out that getting up a little early or staying a little late at school isn’t so bad when music is involved.

Of course, that’s not all. Every student at Indian Springs Elementary School is involved in a big music production once during the school year through music class, and this spring will showcase the fourth, first and fifth grades.

Fourth grade students kicked off the New Year with a salute to Texas, taking the stage and showing off their Texas history knowledge with an Alamo backdrop, cactus, a bucking cowboy and windmill. Dressed in matching red bandannas and cowboy boots, the students wowed the audience with six handmade flags representing the six flags of Texas and performing state classics including Texas Our Texas, There’s a Little Bit of Everything in Texas, Miles and Miles of Texas, Deep in the Heart of Texas and Shake Them Simmons Down. The finale, however, had everyone smiling when the school’s principal, Marisa Wulfsberg, was called on stage and was serenaded to George Strait’s tune Amarillo by Morning.

The stage will become a jungle in April for the first grade performance of Welcome to the Jungle. With a waterfall, hanging monkeys and a jungle backdrop, students will also wear animal masks and self-made costumes! Every first grader will be singing and dancing in this upbeat musical about friendship!

Fifth graders are busy wrapping up the year with a talent show in May and graduation in June. They are sure to have a few teary-eyed parents when they perform songs about their future and leaving behind childhood memories during their graduation ceremony on June 3.

Everyone is invited to Indian Springs Elementary School to see the joy that music brings. Upcoming performances include First Grade’s “Welcome to the Jungle” Musical at 6 p.m. on April 28; Percussion Club, Recorder Club and Strings Creativity Night at 5:30 p.m. on April 29, Coyote Choir Leadership Day on May 19, Fifth Grade Talent Show May 28, and Fifth Grade Graduation at 9 a.m., on June 3.

Area Summer Arts Programs

Several summer opportunities exist for students to continue their arts studies over the break. Some of those opportunities are listed below:

Southwest School of Art and Craft: June 8-Aug 10. One to 2 week long art classes for kids age 5-18. Tuition starts at $150/week.

Camp Artpace: June 15-19 for ages 6-8, June 22-26 for ages 9-12. 9am to 3 pm. Cost $200. Deadline to apply is May 29th.

Magik Theatre: Camp Showbiz: June 8-Aug 21. One to four week sessions. All day classes (9-3) for ages 5 and up with extended care available. See website for pricing. Has 2 locations this year.

Rose Theatre Youth Camps: June 8-Aug 21. Each one week session costs $225. Ages 5-16.

Performing Arts San Antonio (at UTSA): June 8-July 31 for kids age 6-18. $250-$350 per one week session.

Woodlawn Theater Summer Camp: June 8-Aug 7. Ages 5-17. Two week sessions cost $215-$315.

Youth Orchestra of San Antonio Summer Symphony Camps: July 6-18. Any child age 8-18 with one year experience on violin, viola, cello or bass, or age 13-18 with 2 years’ experience on woodwind, percussion, or brass is eligible. $444, with need-based scholarships available.

Performing Arts Camp at UTSA: June 8-19. 3rd through 8th grade, $350. Check website for audition times, etc.

Carver Community Cultural Center Summer Camps: 3 week drama camp for ages 6-18, June 8-26, $175. 2 week dance camp for ages 8-18, July 13-24, $175. (Sorry, this was all full as of 4/5, but they have a waiting list.)

UTSA Middle School Band Camp: June 22-26. Audition required. Day camp only. For students entering 6-9th grade with at least one year of experience. $299.

UTSA Summer Music Institute: July 20-24. Ages 13-18. String or piano students. Audition required. $380 for commuter students, $595 to stay on campus.

UTSA Flute Camp: June 15-19. For middle and high school students with at least one year experience. $200, or $450 for high school students who want to stay on campus.

Texas State Strings Camp: June 21-27.

UT Middle School String Orchestra Camp: June 14-20.

Baylor Summer Music Camp, Middle School: June 21-27.

Texas Lutheran University Summer Music Academy: July 5-10.

Comal ISD is not affiliated with any listed summer programs or camps.

Comal ISD Ovations!

"Ovations" is a way to showcase and thank those teachers, students, administrators, community members, families, etc. that go above and beyond to support Comal ISD Fine Arts. Please email Mandy Epley at to submit your "Ovation"!


The CISD Choir Teachers who work diligently to inspire their students and help them to showcase their talents. Bravo!

Community Connections

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The Arts In Action Committee is putting together a directory of community members and businesses that are interested in partnering with the arts in Comal ISD. If you are interested in speaking with fine arts classes at all levels about how the arts impact you and how arts skills benefit you in your profession, or if you have a business that is interested in hosting student performances, please contact Mandy Epley, Director of Fine Arts at

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