Light energy

By: Mario, Rohan and Arjun

Solar panel installation


To buy the solar panels we will do many types of fundraisers.

We would be able to have infinite energy, as long as the sun is showing. In any other cases, we just use the energy that we are using right now. The more we use the solar panels, the more of the energy we are using now we might be able to conserve for emergencies.

There are 8 watts in a solar panel, and $9.00 per watt. $72.00 per solar panel.

Our campus uses 1,030,933,000 watts per year. That is 128,866,625 solar panels per year, which will cost $9,278,397,000.00.

Implementation=$9,278,397,000.00, savings=the result of our plan.

Takes place in school setting.

We chose solar panels because it is one of the most popular way to save electric energy. Also it isn't that difficult to install. There are people to help with solar panels.

Benefits of adding solar panels: Adding Solar panels can reduce the amount our school normally pays for the electricity bill. It also can save electricity. Also by getting solar panels it will be safe. If we didn't get it there is a possible chance that the electricity might have problems and the school could get on fire.

The Able Electric will install the solar panels for us. We will maintain them by making them signing a contract. Also we will need to get permission from mainly the teachers in the central building.

Yes it will be worth it to put solar panels for our school, because it can save electricity. Also it can reduce the electricity bill, and it is much more safer.

We are going to most likely need to change the material used for the roof so it can hold the solar panels.

Pros: saves electricity and lowers electricity bill. It is safer. Cons: we are still going to have to spend a lot of money.

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