Among The Hidden

By Adam Teichroeb

My Review of Among The Hidden

My review on Among The Hidden is that is a good book. I really liked this book because it really interesting. I say this because it always leaves you on your feet and you want to read more. My overall rating of this book would be a four out of five stars, just because at the beginning it got a little bit boring at times, but once you got farther in the book is when you want to read more.

About The Author

The author of Among The Hidden is Margaret Peterson. Margaret Peterson is an American Author that is most famous for her two series Shadow Children, and The Missing. She was born on April 9, 1964 in Washington. She also went to the Miami University. That is just a little bit about the author of Among The Hidden.


In this presentation I will be telling you what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the book Among The Hidden

Beginning Of Book

In the beginning of the book first it introduces most of the characters of the book. The characters it introduces are Luke which is one of the main characters, his two brothers Mark and Mathew, and his Mom and Dad. It also explains how Luke is a third child. The only problem with that is where they live you're only aloud two kids which means technically Luke is not suppose to be here. Since he wasn't suppose to be here they lived on a farm so that he could at least go outside and play sometimes but now there are being houses put behind there house for city people to live in so he will have to do everything from his room. He can't have any friend, can't go to school, can't even walk around in his own house he just has to stay in his room 24/7. However one day he realizes a vent in his room that he can look out side with out being spotted but he can see everything behind the house, which he means can see all of the new houses and all the people who live in them. Since he finds this out he looks out there every morning to remember when the parents go to work and when the kids go to school. When he starts remembering there daily routing he will be able to go in the living room and do what he wants, well that was his plan anyways. However one day when he goes to look and make sure that everyone is gone he spots a child's face in a window were two boys already. So for the next couple of days he starts thinking about it more and more and in the next couple of days after he spotted this person he has no doubt in his mind that it was another third child.

Middle Of Book

The middle of the book starts by Luke thinking on how he is going to find out who this other child is in this house. After of thinking about it he realizes that the best way t go to this house is to go down the stairs, onto the porch and right out the back door. After he leaves the house he will get cover by the barn, and after that just a straight run for the house with the suspected third child. The days after he planned his route to the house he couldn't go because it was raining so his dad did not go on the farm, and he was scared he would leave foot prints in the wet grass. However when the rain stopped he waited three whole days to ensure that it was dry and his dad would go on to the fields. On the fourth day there was no doubt Luke's mind that he was going to go to the house. First he has to make sure that everyone in the house were gone. So he counts all twenty-eight people. Eight cars, and one school bus. Once he made sure that all of the kids and parents were gone so he could put his plan into action and went down the stairs, onto the porch, out the back door and behind the barn. Once he got behind the barn he was so terrified. All his life he has been taught to stay out of open places like the one he is about to walk into, however he has to know who is in this house. All of a sudden Luke made a dash to the house and when he tries to go though the back door it's locked. He tugged hard on the door but it would not budged, but there was a screen so he busted through it with his and unlocked the door. When he unlocked the door he stepped in side and heard something coming form one of the room up stairs. When Luke turned the corner he was surprised to see a girl sitting there, but once talked the girl turned around and tackled him to the ground. Once she said that there she had an alarm system and that people would already be on their way he said that he was a third child, so she let go of him. After she let him go they talked and she said her name was Jen. They talked a little bit, and all of a sudden she showed him a online conversation with tons of other third children. Then she tells him how they are going to start a rally for third child's, and how they are going to the Government Building and having a protest.

End Of Book

In the end of the book Luke starts going to Jens house more and more so that they can talk and they can be friends. Jen also really wants Luke to go on this rally however Luke does not feel comfortable doing it so he has to make a choice if he wants to go or not. For the next couple of weeks Luke thinks hard if he is going or not. One day he finally he decided that he didn't want to go, so the next time he went to Jens house and told her that he would not be going and Jen was not very happy about that. However when the day finally came that Jen and the other third children were going the rally, Jen stopped by his house, snuck in and told him her goodbyes. After they left he waited to see if she would come home, he waited so long for her to come home but never seamed like she did so one day he walked over their to see if she was or not. When he walked in he ran to Jens room to see if she was their, and she wasn't. By this time Luke started running around her house yelling her name to see if she was any where. He even went on Jens computer to the group chat and asked where everyone was but no one answered him. Then all of a sudden Luke remember the alarm system which he had forgotten to turn off when he first walked in the house and by this time it had already been too late. He still ran to go turn it off but when he did he ran into a big man, Jens father. Jens dad yelled at him asking who are you, Luke thought to run but he saw the man had a gun and he didn't look to friendly. However Luke said you're Jens dad then he put down the gun. Once he put down his gun they talked about how Luke knew Jen and where she was when the dad said that Jen is o longer with us and that she and all of the other rally people had been shot when they went to the government building. All of a sudden Jens father asked Luke if he would want a fake I.D. so that he could go and live with another family and be free. Before Luke could answer their was a loud knock on the door and it was the population police, the very people who want Luke to be dead. Jens father told him to hide in the closet and he would go answer the door. He opened the door and said that their was someone using the chat room that Jen had been in and the person who sent it came from this house. Luke thought to himself how dumb he was, why would he ask if anyone was their when he knew people could trace his message back to this house. The population searched the house and the closet was the first thing they checked, however Luke was at the very back under a blanket so they didn't see him there. They searched the rest off the house and came up dry. Jens father however did see hem place wires all around the house so that when they left they could see if anyone was there. So Jens dad got Luke out of the closet and put his had over his mouth then wrote on a piece of paper that they have wires all over the house. So they talked over writing about if Luke wanted to have that fake I.D. and then he could be free. What the fake I.D. meant was that he would live with a new family that there kid had just died so he would basically take that kids place. Luke said yes. So that day Luke went to his house and told them everything about how he'd been sneaking over there and talking to this girl when he finally said he wanted a fake I.D. At first his mother didn't want him too but then she started realizing that it wasn't really her choice. Then the day they picked Luke up they got all of there hugs and kisses from mom and dad then he left o go be with his new family were he would be free.