Men In Night

by Jacob Hemmersbach

Book I Read

Men In Black

By: Steve Perry

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Career Predictions

My career prediction is to become a surgical technologist in La Crosse, Wisconsin. There are about 94.000 jobs currently and they always need more. Annual salary for this job is around $40,000. I plan to have a wife and three kids. I always can further my education also and become a surgeon.

Synopsis for Men In Night

A kidnapping. Not your ordinary kidnapping though. Jack Dup, a highly revered surgeon from Wisconsin goes home after a long days work to his wife and three kids. He works so long that his wife finally says if you were abducted by aliens, we wouldn't know the difference. That night just when you wouldn't expect it, Jack was kidnapped by three aliens. The aliens names were Justin Tyme, Bill Loney and Ben Dover. The aliens were hired by their government for secret purposes. What do they plan to do to the most skilled man alive?

Plot for Men In Night



Jack Dup- dynamic

Justin Tyme- static

Bill Loney- static

Ben Dover- static


Jill Dup- static

Danny Dup- static

Tyler Dup- static

Nick Dup- static

Theme: Alien relations and ignorance

Exposition: Places are La Crosse, Wisconsin and alien spaceship in space in the year 2025.

Rising Action: Jack Dup is done working at Franciscan Skemp for the day and drives home. He gets into a fight with his wife about how he is not home much. Meanwhile aliens from planet Foxtrot need a way to keep track of their aliens. They need a man capable of inserting a chip into the aliens. They come up with a plan. Kidnap Jack Dup and make him do it for ever. They hire three men, Justin Tyme, Bill Loney and Ben Dover. They travel to Earth and take Jack Dup.

Climax: As the aliens were approaching their home, they forgot one crucial thing. They kidnapped Jack Dup. His adrenaline kicked in and broke free. He found an alien like gun. It was the same as human guns in that it had a sight and a trigger. He left the brig and found one alien. It was Ben Dover. Justin Tyme sees what is about to happen from the side and tells Ben to bend over, but instead Ben thought he was calling his name. Jack then shoots and kills Ben.

Falling Action: Jack finds an escape pod and shoots toward Earth. He was familiar with the controls. He gets home in time and his family wakes up finally. They had no idea he was gone. He says to his wife I'm taking a week off of work and we are going on a vacation. She asks whats the sudden change for? Jack Says it was a long night and you have no idea.

Resolution: As he was checking into the hotel he noticed the hotel workers looked familiar. Their name tags read, Justin T. and Bill L. ....

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