Is Cloning Wrong?

If you think cloning is cool, think again.

Background on Cloning

First,the definition of cloning is to make an exact copy.Also,cloning was, and still is ,used for making more plant and animals for food.Next, Robert Briggs was the first ever to clone in the 1940's.The Bad thing is animals and plants could over populate and we would be living in vegetation.

Cloning can often be unsuccessful.

First, cloning has killed over 2 million innocent animals, and over 1 million plants.Also, every 1 successful clone 12 more die.Third, not cloning could save alot of money for smoother roads,more jobs and, more advanced technology.

Having the right materials?

First, we don't have enough money to get the right materials.Also, we don't have the type of advanced technology for the methods we have.Third, if we did have the technology to clone, the clone would have its own personality\actions.

Is this the end to cloning?

First, we will stop researching cloning in 2020 or 2025.Also, we are losing data and will lose all of it if, do not gain better strategies on how to clone without killing the animal.Last but not least,cloning is not doctor approved and makes the clone extremely sick. Thank you for reading my flyer.