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Retail Gyan @ world

Flipkart is looking to Expand ! - While India's e-commerce market is estimated to grow from the current $1 billion to $56 billion by 2023, , an Indian online Retailer, which has incorporated likes of E bay's business model(where Small Seller can sell their Goods through Online retailer's Site) into its Own at beginning of this year, is looking to bring in 125 Million Dollar into their Company in coming weeks to expand Company's Cash flow.

Meanwhile , Wal-mart is keen to enter Indian market.Decision on Wal Mart's Indian operation is at Final Stage. Also in US, Wal-Mart is opening fulfillment centers to increase product selection online and to ship packages quicker and cheaper.

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Happy b’ day Google

Google inc celebrated its 15th B Day last week, Started with Internet Search as Company's Core business , has now grown into Corporate giant with 50+ billion dollar revenue per year company. Most of its revenue is based on Ads. Company has ventured into mobile platform with Android OS and Acquisition of Motorola Mobility, and Enhanced its community-based traffic and navigation system updates for Google Now through 'Waze' which it acquired last year.

On its 15th B’ Day , Google has retooled the closely guarded formula running its Internet search engine to give better answers to the increasingly complex questions posed by Web surfers.It’s Estimated that the New Formula will affect 90% Search result results by giving out more refrained Results to the Surfers.