Grandma Wolf

By Marcel, Mahdi and Sevinch

Who is Grandma Wolf?

Grandma Wolf is Charlie's and Tommo's great aunt. Grandma Wolf moved into the Peaceful house when the Colonel needed help for his wife. Then she moved out the Peaceful house when the Colonel's wife died.


"Everything had to be done so: Hands washed, hair done, no talking with mouth full, no leaving anything on your plate"-This quote conveys that it had been done just like what Grandma wolf says and also that she is grumpy every time.
"She'd treat Big Joe as if he was a baby"-This quote illustrates that Grandma Wolf would treat Big Joe like a baby and that she would be nasty to him.
"When Molly protested once, she smacked her and sent her home"- This quote shows that Grandma wolf doesn't like when Molly turns up home and that she is anxious every time.

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