Tarleton State University

Stephenville, Texas


Tarleton State University was founded in 1899 by a settler named John Settler. Tarleton is a private school located in Stephenville, Texas. There is no religious or institutional affiliation.

The estimated population is 13,000 students.

Female: 61% Male: 39%

College Costs


In-state: $7,933 per semester

Out-Of-State: $18,973 per semester

Cost of Room & Board-

Residence Hall: $1935-$4069

Apartments: $2510-$3910

Heritage buildings- The dorm is set up like a duplex, i like it because each student has their own privacy own privacy.

Student Activities/ Sports

  • Rodeo Team
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field

I would be interested in joining the rodeo team because they are a well put together team & have good competition from other colleges.

Admission Requirements

How to Apply-

  • Apply online at ApplyTexas.org
  • Check Application Status

GPA Requirements-

  • 2.0 or above

ACT/SAT Scores Needed-

  • ACT= 16
  • SAT= 800

Application Deadlines-

  • Spring- December 1st
  • Summer- May 1st
  • Fall- March 1st
  • 76.7 % Accepted

Other Requirements-

  • SAT/ACT scores must me recieved by July 21st

Personal Reflection

I am interested in going to this college because it is in a convienent location. It is where my family travels a lot and i would get to visit with them often. The college campus is an amazing campus that is well kept. There are many activities that i enjoy doing that are either on campus or near the campus. I would also want to attend this college because they are a branch of Texas A&M.

The amount of obstacles that could keep me from attending Tarleton state are numerous.