What's Happening at the Ranch

Week of 11/16 - one more week!


Shout out to Sara for the Ranch's fun art class!

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From Marcie:

I’d like to send out a shout out to four very special teachers. These ladies are amazing. They consistently support me and our kids.

Patty Niece Hoyt

Keiko Maya( Mrs. Maya always completely fills out teacher information with lots of detail about student performance and she does it FAST)

Amy Rhodes

Janet Jordan

From Janet (Wendy missed this one last week, sorry!):

Shout out to Kim for the most awesome career day in the district. The kids AND teachers loved it. You are awesome!

Shout out to Carolyn for making the most amazing lunch spread for our speakers. What would we do without our hostess with the mostest?

From Jackie:

Anna Gordon provides outstanding support to ISS again this year. She works it into her busy schedule each day to obtain assignments for our students who have been assigned to ISS. Assignments are the key to the success of an ISS program and Anna goes above and beyond to help our students. Thank you, Anna!

Barbara Lye has always made herself available for our ISS students who need math assistance. After her help, many of them have told me that they “now get it”! Thank you, Barb!

Also, thank you to our teachers who make it a priority to provide assignments to our ISS students on a consistent basis. For those of you who come down every time you have a student in ISS, thank you. It has been noted in your student’s file that you were here to support them. That will look favorable for you in your next parent / teacher conference showing how you supported their student when they were out of your classroom.

I appreciate all of your support very much!

From Ashley: A huge thank you for those of you who stayed behind to help lay the duct tape down!! Shout out to: Wendy, Paul, Joy, Lindsey, and Queen!

From Wendy:

Shout out to Angelia and the new Cowboy Chronicles to our parents. The Smores are looking great, thank you! :-)

From Casey:

Shout out to Joy for always helping out at Athletic Study Hall! It's much appreciated!


Shout out to Abi, Guillermo, and all the cast and crew of My Son Pinocchio! What a fantastic performance!

Cultural Competency Trainings Next Week

Next week we'll have two sessions for our Cultural Competency Training! Everyone must attend one of the trainings - either Monday afternoon in Courtney's sixth grade office or Tuesday morning in the library.

Before you come to the training, please go to this link and fill out the quick survey to find out if you are a high or low context person. The cultural context inventory can be found here: http://www2.pacific.edu/sis/culture/pub/Context_Cultures_High_and_Lo.htm

In your box is an entry ticket - fill out your score on the entry ticket and bring that with you to the training. It's important because it will determine where you sit!

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What's on Deck for this week

Saturday, November 14th - Garage Sale at Carpenter!

Monday, November 16 - 3:40 Cultural Competency Training in Courtney's sixth grade office

6:00 8th gr girls basketball at Robinson

6:00 8th gr boys basketball at Carpenter

Tuesday, November 17 - 7:45 Cultural Competency Training in the Library

3:40 7th grade team meeting

6:30 Orchestra Fall Concert

Wednesday, November 18 - Fall Writer's Workshop

White rose day! Have you entered the pages you've read yet?

Thursday, November 19 - 7:45 8th grade team meeting

6:00 7th gr girls basketball at Robinson

6:00 7th gr boys basketball at Carpenter

Friday, November 20 - Sunshine snacks!

FNR for Academics only!

Next Friday the 20th is our Plano Wildcat Shirt Day!

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Have you entered in your pages yet?

The Citizens are far behind! We've got to start catching up to the Tributes!

Please donate old t-shirts and elastic waist shorts and sweats to Jackie for the dress code stock pile!

Cafeteria/Hallway Morning Procedures

All sixth graders eating breakfast should promptly report to the cafeteria when they arrive on campus. They are not allowed to hang out until 8:10 am and then decide they want to eat. As sixth graders arrive, please have them fill in along the walls down to Ms. Pierce’s room. Students are not to congregate next to the display case, in any stairwell, or block classroom doors. All students should remain seated unless they have permission from an adult to use the restroom or get a drink of water. No food/drinks/candy allowed in the hallway. If you have any trouble with students after you have warned them, please come find an administrator in the cafeteria or hallway. I will do my best to bounce back and forth between the cafeteria and hallway.