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Family Edition- January 2022

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Welcome parents and families, to the Texas Migrant Education Program quarterly newsletter! This issue will highlight timely resources and upcoming events.

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Help with Your Child's Education

Looking for a way to help your child stay on track with their education? There are resources available to support you. Visit Support to Help Ensure Your Child is On Track This School Year to find out what your child's school can do to assist you. From tutoring to customized educational plans, your child's school is ready to help them achieve and accelerate their learning.

If you are looking for literacy resources to use at home to support your children in grades K–12, visit the Education Resources for Parents of K-12 Migratory Children portal. This portal contains mini-lessons, tip sheets, short videos, downloadable apps, and interactive course modules. All resources on this portal are available free of charge and can be downloaded or printed right at home. To request the access code, simply reach out to your district MEP staff or recruiter. The access code will allow you to register and create your own unique login credentials. Visit this portal at txmigrantk12.net today!

The Texas Migrant Interstate Program (TMIP)

The TMIP helps facilitate intrastate and interstate coordination of information, resources, and services in order to help meet the educational needs of migratory children from Texas who migrate out of state.

The TMIP also provides resources and information about a variety of topics, including:

For more information, visit the TMIP site by clicking here.

The holiday and winter seasons sometimes come with additional challenges, but did you know that help is available? Community agencies and organizations often provide programs to help with the following:

For more information, reach out to your local MEP staff.

During this time in the academic year, you should be receiving report cards or progress reports from your child’s school. It is important to be aware of how your child is progressing in his or her classes. Some things to look for and consider when you receive a grade report include:

  • Is your child passing every class? A passing grade is usually a 70 or above, but this may vary from school district to school district. Reach out to your child’s school to get more information about their grading policies.

  • How many absences does your child have? This is important because students learn best when they receive direct instruction from their teachers on a consistent basis. Parents should keep in mind that students who have excessive absences may not earn credit for high school credit courses.

  • Is your child struggling academically or having a hard time making progress? Schools often provide additional services and programs to help students who are experiencing difficulty making academic progress.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s grades, attendance, or progress, contact your child’s school or your local MEP staff.

Stay Connected with your MEP Recruiter

Will your family be making a migratory move during the school year? If so, please reach out to your MEP recruiter. Your district MEP staff will send a move notification to the district you are moving to, which will assist with the enrollment process for your children and ensure they continue to receive MEP services at their new location.

As we enjoy the winter season, remember that this time of the year provides an opportunity to explore new beginnings and look forward to the year ahead.

You and your family have wrapped up 2021 and now may welcome 2022 by spending time together, exploring the great outdoors, and enjoying family traditions and celebrations.

Visit the Texas Migrant Education Program (TMEP) portal and click on Parents and Families to access free educational resources.