Say No To Drugs

Say No To Drugs, Say Yes To Good Health!

Drugs In The World

There are many drugs in the world that illegal. Unfortunately the police and stop people from making them, witch that means a lot of people do drugs and can get away with it. Some drugs that are very popular are cocaine, and other very illegal drugs. The police try there best to keep drugs away from people but, a lot of these people somehow still get away with them.

Side Effects

Side effects are using the same for every drug. Popular ones are, dizziness, constant vomiting, and more. When young people take drugs it changes your body and a lot. This is because you are young so your body is fully grown and doesn't know what is going into your body. You can pass out or potentially die from taking to much drugs.

Top Used Drugs By Teens


People take drugs because they think it is something fun to do. They also take drugs because other people tell them its cool so they think its cool to do and don't think about the consequences.