By: Allie Krapfl

Who invented the Typewiter

Other people attempted to make a type writer in the 1700's to the early 1800's, but the first practical typewriter was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes. He invented the typewriter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in July, 1868. The typewriter started to be sold by E. Remington and his sons around 1874.

Why was the typewriter invented

Typewriters greatly improved communications for both people and businesses by making messages much easier to read. People no longer had the problem of questioning and trying to read someones sloppy handwriting.

How was the typewriter invented

The typewriter is made up of many different parts. The keyboard is a big part of the typewriter. The corresponding type bars print the letters onto the piece of paper. You insert the piece of paper behind the platen, use the knob to roll the papers into the platen.

How the typewriter has changed our lives

If someone never would have come up with the typewriter, then we may never have come up with the computer, laptops, the iPad, the iPhone, or any of the other electronics that people have made throughout the years. The typewriter has changed our lives greatly up to today.