What causes Earthquakes and what happens when they accour

How are they caused?

Earthquakes are usually caused by shifting plates, They are very destructive. Most earthquakes occur near What is called the "Ring of Fire". More than 80% of earthquakes happen in the "Ring of Fire". Just in case you do not know what the "Ring of Fire" is, It is a ring of volcanic and Earthquake eruptions. The "Ring of Fire" is located near the Pacific Ocean.

Earthquakes strike around 8 times a year, killing about 10,000 people. Scientists measure earthquakes by the strength of them. 3 to 5 will usually be less violent. but anything above that will result badly. for example 5 to 7 is one of the highest possibilities. The pictures bellow will show what happens after an earthquake. That is most of the information on Earthquakes.

Earthquake Eruptions Across The World